Tonight at Black Sheep: Drool, Pryss, Lincoln’s Tomb


Tonight at Black Sheep we have a short and sweet three band show lined up on this Tuesday night! It’s our third show of the year (fourth if you count the show in Dumb Records), and so far all of the shows that have happened this year have been a hit! Let’s keep the streak going tonight. Tonight we have the experimental rock fusion band “Drool” playing from Chicago. Check out some of their music on the player below. We also have heavy hitting hardcore band (as featured in Springfield’s Own Magazine), Pryss. Opening things up is ongoing band lotto group- Lincoln’s Tomb.

The show tonight start at 7:00 pm, admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep and Southtown in the next few months.

Calling Bands for Black Sheep Cover Show Part 6 This May


It’s that time of the year again. Well, not really that time of the year yet, but time to start thinking about that time of the year. If your band is interested in our annual Black Sheep Cover Show then it’s time to reach out to us to let us know what you are interested in doing and start getting that set together. This year we are looking at the weekends of May 12th and 13th and the 19th and 20th as potential dates for a Black Sheep Cover Show at Black Sheep and also at Bar None. Check out photos of last year’s cover show at Black Sheep right here. In all previous years the cover show has also been a benefit of some sort, which will likely continue this year. Last year we were able to raise enough money to be able to support a free show at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s as part of last year’s Dumb Fest.

If you are interested, please email us at (serious inquiries please)! We also prefer already existing original bands coming forward to do cover sets instead of new groups getting together just for this. We will have all of the inquiries down that we hear from in the next few weeks on a list to check back with at the end of March / beginning of April and will determine a lineup based on which of those bands have already started getting sets together.

*Note: no bands actually play any covers of any licensed music inside of Black Sheep. F*#% you, ASCAP and BMI.

Black Sheep Featured in Springfield’s Own Magazine


Today we are excited to announce that we’ve made it to the January/February issue of Springfield’s Own Magazine! Springfield’s Own is a magazine focusing on happenings of Springfield IL and comes out every other month and goes out to subscribers of the SJ-R. This Jan/Feb issue is the entertainment issue and we are happy to be able to share it with some of our close friends in HISO Music, Lincoln’s Legends, The Studio Show, Boondocks, and more. Also check out Pryss and more as featured bands.

Copies of this issue should be available inside Dumb Records for $4.99 starting today. You can also check out the two of three pages on Black Sheep below.


New Band Pages: Sammy and The Punk


This week we are bringing you another band page from a local band that is long overdue, and that is for the three-piece (now four-piece?) and formerly two-piece driving punk rock project “Sammy and The Punk” which has been active playing shows in the area since 2011. You can stream the band’s newest album Alien Abduction and find out more about the band on their new page right here. Sammy and The Punk do not have any shows announced right now but be on the lookout for something from them at Black Sheep very very soon!

That puts us at 45 active bands on our current bands page, you can check all of those out right here, or many more of our past band pages right here. Do you play in a local band that has not yet gotten a page set up with us? Email us at and we will work with you to set something up!

Videos: Nagasaki at Black Sheep 1-7-17


We’ve had 2 shows so far this year at Black Sheep and they’ve both been hits. Tonight we are bringing you a video of the second show of the year which took place on Saturday, January 7th about a week ago. This video is of a song from new Springfield punk band Nagasaki’s set (also pictured above). Let’s keep that 2017 slamcam rolling! Check out the video of Nagasaki performing below. Also check out a video of their entire set right here thanks to videographer Gordon Chang.

Check out any of our 100+ videos from Black Sheep over the years on our vids/pics page.

Backwards Day: Lost Sessions 1995


Today we bring you some lost Springfield recordings from the 1990’s recently brought to light from the band Backwards Day. These are the band’s Lost Sessions from 1995, which would have been the last recording session the band took part in before breaking up. This session was engineered and mixed by Lance Reynolds formerly of NIL8, who also recorded a few bands in the early 1990’s above Skank Skates as the name Southtown Studios (which we did not know until after Brandon Carnes started the more current Southtown Studio). Backwards Day featured Scott Faingold (vocals) and Timothy Harte (drums) both who currently play in the band Epsom. Check out those recordings below.

Also our big Springfield Album Master Archive has been under progress throughout much of the first part of this year. We are not working on a page set up for the archive on this site, which you can find right here. There are currently 288 titles listed.


Absurdist People’s Theater Holding Auditions for August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean” January 24th + 25th


The Absurdist People’s Theater is gearing up big for their second week of theater performances after a successful debut this past August with their performances of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe” which was also the first ever theater performances to have taken place inside Black Sheep. The Absurdist People’s Theater is a newly formed DIY Theater Troupe based right here in the capital city. This time around the group will be taking on the play “Gem of the Ocean” by August Wilson. Gem of the Ocean was first performed in 2003, and is set in the year 1904.

Auditions for the new play are from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm inside Black Sheep on Tuesday and Wednesday- January 24th and 25th. You do not have to be already a member of the Absurdist People’s Theater Troupe to audition. You can look over a list of the characters and find out more about auditions on the Absurdist People’s Theater facebook event right here.

Final performances are set to take place on March 24th, 25th, and 26th this year inside Black Sheep.