Black Sheep Cover Show Part VII May 19th? (Call For Bands)


We’ll admit it, we seem to be dropping the ball a lot of the time around here. We definitely have been dropping the ball when it comes to getting anything together if we are going to put on a Black Sheep Cover Show of any sort like we usually do in the late Spring. We do have a date reserved on our calendar for it – Saturday, May 19th. But we haven’t put any sort of call for bands out there yet.

Do you play in a local band from here that would be interested in performing one cover set, and can get a set of 15 minutes – 1 hour of material down to play two months from now?? We want to hear from you! Get ahold of us at If we can’t wrangle up at least three acts to perform a cover show this year in the next few weeks we will have to push the next cover show back to next year.


Glower: EP



Today we are bringing you a stream of the new seven-track EP from Springfield’s very own Glower – recorded up in Southtown Sound and being released today. You can stream those songs on the player below. Also head over to Glower’s bandcamp page where you can purchase a digital download of the release.

The EP will also be available in CD format at the show at Black Sheep tonight featuring Runaway Brother, Bottom Bracket, Glower, and Sadface Killer.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Runaway Brother, Bottom Bracket, Glower, Sadface Killer


We have a string of shows happening at Black Sheep all starting tonight! That’s right – a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday block of shows coming your way. Then there’s a house show elsewhere in Springfield on Monday. Tonight we have the return of Runaway Brother from Cleveland, Ohio. This will be the group’s third time performing at Black Sheep as a full band- the last being last July. You can stream Runaway Brother’s music on the player below. Also on this show is Springfield heavy hitting emo group Bottom Bracket. Before them is the new-ish Springfield indie garage band Glower. Opening things up we have the emo / math rock band Sadface Killer from Peoria, Illinois.

This show will start tonight at 7:00 pm and admission is $6. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep this spring.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Juiceboxxx, Livin’ Thing, Animals With Human Names, Dennis DNO


It may be Monday but tonight at Black Sheep there is a rare hip hop / punk hybrid show happening. Tonight we welcome touring artist / musician Juiceboxxx into Black Sheep as he performs with his full backing band. Juiceboxxx has been a touring rap artist for over a decade now. You can stream his newest album on the player below. Also on this show is a return of the rock n’ roll band Livin’ Thing. Up before that is local hip hop artist Animals With Human Names. Opening things up right now is a brand new rap artist based out of Springfield – Dennis DNO.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at everything coming up at Black Sheep this Spring.

DUMB FEST 6 Happening June 8th, 9th, and 10th


Today we are FINALLY officially announcing the dates for Dumb Fest #6 – the SIXTH time we have hosted Dumb Fest since the first one in 2013. The dates for that are June 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2018. We apologize for being farther behind this year than any other year on getting you those dates! Band announcements will start going up very soon. You can check out a facebook event for the fest right here, also be sure to follow the Dumb Fest facebook page for more updates. We will have a separate page up on our site for Dumb Fest 6 soon!

You can find an album of photos of Dumb Fest #5 which happened last summer taken by photographer Veronica Mullen right here.

Comedy Night Tonight at Black Sheep


Tonight at Black Sheep we are mixing things up with a Comedy show! There will be NO music on this show, only laughs! We encourage all of you to come out! We have a few familiar local acts lined up, as well as a couple of touring comedians who are also familiar to the Black Sheep stage. Here’s what we have lined up:

Dan Alten (KY)
Brandon Judd (MO)
Baloney Jack Pearce
Angela Smith
Larry Smith
Devon Fluellen
Brendan Durbin

Wow, what a spectacular night. All of that starts at 7:00 pm and we are asking for $5 admission. Check out a facebook event for that one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming to town at the Black Sheep this Spring!

Tonight at Black Sheep: Monterrey, Master Bastard, Famous Losers, Mike Butler


Tonight! It’s Thursday night and there are a lot of shows happening on our radar around the country! We do have one going on at Black Sheep tonight, and if you are in town you should come out! For this show we have the band Monterrey coming from North West Indiana. You can stream their music on the player below to see if you like what you hear. They will be joined by local rock band from right here in Springfield – Master Bastard. Then also another band from Jacksonville, Illinois – Famous Losers. Great to see all of these bands from Jacksonville lately! Opening things up is Mike Butler formerly of the band Vonne. Come hear Mike’s beautiful voice.

Things kick off at 7:00 pm and you bet your bottom that this show is $6 to get in. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep this spring.