Yard Crew Day This Wednesday


Hey all! It’s been a minute since we’ve had a good group community “yard crew” day around Southtown and we are trying to squeeze one in before the weather gets too cold. This Wednesday we will be meeting up at Black Sheep at 5:30 pm to do some cleaning and yard work in and outside our spaces. Everyone is welcome to join and we can use all of the help we can get! Here’s a little explanation of what is going on from Yard Crew Jack:

*Yard Crew Day is a chance for us to take sometime to clean up Southtown. Picking up trash, pulling weeds, working on projects, having fun, and smiles are all apart of yard crew day.

Come on out and let’s clean up this town!!!

Bring warm old cloths, gloves, trash bags, and be ready to work!

With weather permitting we are going to clean the sidewalks of South town and picking up trash around the area. We will also be working on a few projects inside Black Sheep we could use your help with!

Here’s a facebook event for yard crew day for those of you who want to join in on the discussion. See you Wednesday!

The Suction Cups: “Lost Tapes”


In honor of The Black Sheep Halloween Show being today, we have a special release coming your way from The Suction Cups. This four-track EP is called Lost Tapes and it features some interesting Halloween sound effects and noises. From the band’s bandcamp:

A brief installment of short audio stories which may… or may not… be just the beginning…

NOTE: Use headphones for optimum listening experience.

The Suction Cups will be performing tonight at Black Sheep as part of the Black Sheep Halloween Show along with Moondead, Linder, and Eric Marvel. The show starts at 7:00 pm and is $5 / $3 if you are wearing a costume. Check out this release on The Suction Cups bandcamp page where you can also download it for your own price. Also check it out streaming below!

Black Sheep Halloween Show Tonight: The Suction Cups, Moondead, Linder, Eric Marvel


What’s up! Sorry for our website being inactive the past few days- we have only been sleeping a little bit but today we are back from the dead and here to stay just in time for the Black Sheep Halloween Show! The Halloween Show is happening tonight (get those costumes ready) and we will also be having a bake sale for Black Sheep. Bands tonight include the surfy spooky rock band The Suction Cups. Stick around for our next post about a special release the band made just for this Halloween season. We also have the three-piece and Moondead from outer space. We have one out of town friend coming for this show and that is Linder– a new Bloomington/Normal solo project. You can stream some of that below. Opening things up we have another solo set by Eric Marvel, who played a great show inside Dumb Records the other night.

The show tonight starts at 7:00 pm – admission is $5 but if you have a costume on you get that special discounted price of $3. Be sure to bring an extra buck or two for some baked goods. Check out a facebook event for all of that right here. And be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up this fall at Black Sheep.


Our Lady: “Lure”


After a long wait, Our Lady‘s final album Lure is up online streaming in its entirety. You can head over to the Mayfly Records bandcamp page to hear or download the full album, or also stream it below. The record is being released on vinyl through Mayfly Records and pre-orders have begun being shipped out. The band should also have copies available at their final show, happening on Friday, October 28th at Black Sheep with Lume, Estates, and The Foxery and the album should also be available on vinyl at Dumb Records after the final show.

Lume has been well over a year in the making and was recorded by Brandon Carnes at South Town Studio. Our Lady has been an active band in the Springfield music scene for six or seven years now, going through many lineup changes and touring frequently. See our original post on the band deciding to call it a day and their full statement here.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Sidelined, Welcome Home, Ashland, Krelboyne, Vonne


There is a show happening tonight at Black Sheep! Did we even get the chance to announce this show on our site? Not sure! Tonight is a five-band mega show featuring some emo, pop-punk, post-hardcore and we aren’t sure what else. Tonight is the first day of tour for bands Welcome Home and Ashland. Welcome Home are from St. Louis – stream some of their music on the player below. Ashland is also from the Central Illinois areas and have played at Black Sheep a couple of times before. One of the bigger bands playing tonight is Sidelined from Newton, Illinois. It’s been while (since 2013) since they have played at Black Sheep- they also played the first Renae reunion show back in 2011 here at Black Sheep. Early on in the show we have familiar post-rock/emo band Krelboyne from Champaign/Urbana and the local pop group Vonne opening things up for us.

The show tonight starts a tad bit earlier at 6:30 pm. Admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for the show tonight right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep in the coming weeks.

Gnargoyle + Diaper Rash: “Shitty Splitty”


Here is a release that we have been waiting to post for a LONG time now (whoops). Did you know that Champaign/Urbana-based punk band Gnargoyle and Springfield’s favorite baby band (R.I.P?) Diaper Rash put out a split release together earlier this summer? It was called the Shitty Splitty and was released under Kuloolu Records. The Kuloolu website says the release was available on a limited number of cassettes, but we sure have not seen any of those around Dumb Records or Black Sheep headquarters. You can check out the split below- that’s six songs of Gnargoyle and then a bunch of Diaper Rash songs mashed into one track. Head over to the Kuloolu Records bandcamp to download the release at your own price.

The last Diaper Rash show happened to be a surprise set during an aftershow for Dumb Fest 4-Ever this past summer. Will Big Baby ever play again? We don’t know.

Black Sheep October 22nd Halloween Show: The Suction Cups, Moondead, Eric Marvel, Linder


Have we not officially announced our Halloween show yet? Whoops! A lot of you have been asking if we are hosting a Halloween show this year- well, we are! It is happening on Saturday, October 22nd in just ten days! Time to scramble and get those costumes together! We have a mostly all local and all-spooky lineup for this gig. This show features The Suction Cups (who we might have heard have a special release coming up in time for this special holiday)? Check out their last release from earlier this year, Do They Walk Among Us, streaming below. Before them we have Moondead. Will there be a full moon on this night? Then we also have a performance by Eric Marvel, who also performed at Dumb Records for Cassette Store Day this past weekend. Then fourth act on the bill is a newer project from Bloomington/Normal called Linder.

This show will start at 7:00 pm. Admission is $5- but if you are wearing a costume you get that special discounted rate of $3. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else we have coming up at Black Sheep for the rest of this fall.