The last day of Dumb Fe5t is here, and we still have plenty to look forward to today! Time to scrounge up that last bit of energy we have left of this weekend and rock and roll as much as we can for this last day. Today kicks off as early as 10:00 am over at Cafe Andiamo (204 S. 6th Street downtown). Here’s what we have lined up for that:

KOWABUNGA! KID (Champaign, IL)
IT’S ME: ROSS (Columbia, MO)
VIDEO GRAVES (Bloomington, IN)
ATTIC SALT (Springfield)

Then we are taking a short break and are going to pick things up for the next show at 3:00 pm taking place somewhere outside. This could be anywhere in Springfield. You have to go on a big scavenger hunt around town to find out where the bands are playing. Good luck! Here’s the lineup for that one:

LIVIN’ THING (Springfield)
THE WAD (St. Louis, MO)
BLEAK AGE (Oklahoma City, OK)

Then after that for the very last show at 7:00 pm we are going to head back to the ranch and have the last few bands play inside our record store Dumb Records to close out the fest.

FETISH (Houston, TX)
STYE (Bloomington, IL)
THE DRY LOOK (Champaign, IL)

And that will be it! Then we will all watch a movie outside on our projector next to our elephant and cry. Today the show at Cafe Andiamo is $5, the show somewhere outside is free, and the show in Dumb Records is $5. Nice. Find a facebook event for all of Dumb Fest 5 right here. Stream some music from Video Graves on the player below.



Good morning, and we are hope you are ready for the most jam-packed day of Dumb Fe5t happening this weekend! Bands today kick off as early as 11:00 am up in Southtown Sound with performances by Undesirable People from Detroit, Michigan and Bogues from Nashville, Tennessee. After that at noon we will go into the classic Dumb Fest schedule of bands back and forth between Skank Skates and Black Sheep. Here are all of the bands on the Skanks / Black Sheep stages for all day today (not in order):

PRYSS (Springfield)
WARM BODIES (Kansas City, MO)
RAYS (Oakland, CA)
DUMSPELL (Hattiesburg, MS)
JUDY & THE JERKS (Hattiesburg, MS)
BLACK THUMB (Appleton, WI)
DRUJ (Oklahoma City, OK)
PROM NITE (Toronto, Ontario)
PLASTIC (Chicago, IL)
EYE JAMMY (Hattiesburg, MS)
SPELL BREAKER (Springfield, IL)
BAD EXAMPLE (Birmingham, AL)
CHEW (Chicago, IL)
NARB (McAllen, TX)
JEAN JAM (Chicago, IL)
SQUELCH (Little Rock, AR)
DREAM PROBE (Champaign, IL)
BITE (Bloomington, IL)

Bands will be going on the main stages until roughly 11:00 tonight, and at 10:00 pm an unofficial aftershow will be kicking off at Bar None (245 S 5th Street) open to those who are ages 21 and up and will likely be going until 1:00 am. That one will feature bands Livid, Cruelster, Death Valley, Law of the Night, and Animals With Human Names. Will there be anything in town after that? Did anyone hear any rumors about Lumpy & The Dumpers playing anywhere? Who knows!

The main show at Black Sheep / Skank Skates today is $20 admission (for close to 30 bands). It’s free to get into Southtown Sound for the bands at 11:00 am, and the unofficial Bar None show downtown is $5. Find a facebook event for all of Dumb Fest right here. Stream some music from Dumspell below.



Would you believe it Dumb Fest #5 is really here, we have made it to the biggest weekend of the year for us once again. Get ready for an intense three days full of nonstop bands and music from all over the country. Tonight the fest kicks off inside Black Sheep at 6:00 pm. We did have one band drop tonight’s show (Mirror Mirror from St. Louis), but other that everything is happening as planned:

P.E.A.R.L. (Moreno Valley, CA)
BRUISED (Chicago, IL)
FYC (Indianapolis, IN)
TOOMS (Galesburg, IL)
PROWESS (Springfield)

Then there is an aftershow taking place somewhere out there after the show at Black Sheep gets over with:

86 GEMINI (Chicago, IL)
TIGRESS (Chicago, IL)
GRINN (Springfield)

(For more information on that aftershow you’ll have to show up to the show at Black Sheep). The show tonight at Black Sheep is $10 if you do not have a three day pass. (You do not need a pass to get in the show tonight or any of the other Dumb Fest shows)! Find a full schedule for the weekend over at our Dumb Fest 5 page on our site. Also find a Dumb Fe5t facebook event right here. Stream some music from California’s P.E.A.R.L. below!

Illinois Times: “Wise Up To Dumb Fest”


Yes, that’s right! The Illinois Times is all about that Dumb Fest too- Tom Irwin’s column this week is mainly centered around the event with a photo of Warm Bodies (above, by Garrett Fisbeck). Check out the article “Wise Up To Dumb Fest” online right here, or pick up a copy of the Times today inside Dumb Records. From the article:

Welcome to Dumb Fest weekend, which covers three days worth of very cool and extremely expressive bands, based mostly in the world of what one might call various degrees of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) punk rock music. Categorizing the music is like saying Woodstock was just a rock concert festival and ignoring the grand diversity of the artists performing. Along the same lines, a few weeks ago, the John Hartford Memorial Festival featured several groups related through bluegrass/acoustic sounds. To some, the bands might seem the same, but to devotees of the music, each artist has a distinct sound within the genre.

Dumb Fest 5 kicks off at 6:00 pm inside Black Sheep tomorrow! For a full breakdown and a schedule of who’s playing you can check out our Dumb Fe5t page right here. Time is up to by 3-day passes, but you can still pay at the door for all of the shows. Find a Dumb Fest facebook event right here.

WUIS: Southtown’s Dumb Fest 5 Years Strong


What do you know! Springfield’s WUIS / NPR Illinois 91.9 was kind enough to feature a nice 20 minute piece on Dumb Fest on the radio yesterday. Reporter Rachel Otwell came by Southtown and gave a walk through of different locations with fest organizer Brian Galecki about what to expect for this big weekend. You can check out hat NPR piece – “Southtown’s Dumb Fest 5 Years Strong” streaming online right here.

Dumb Fest 5 kicks off at 6:00 pm inside Black Sheep tomorrow! For a full breakdown and a schedule of who’s playing you can check out our Dumb Fe5t page right here. Time is up to by 3-day passes, but you can still pay at the door for all of the shows. Find a Dumb Fest facebook event right here.

Dumb Fe5t Official Band Schedule


Here we are today with the official band schedule for Dumb Fest 5! Could you believe it, there are a total of 51 bands on that fest and 56 if you include the *unofficial* aftershow at Bar None, from a total of 15 different states and one band from Canada. This schedule will be printed out and will be made available at the fest for all of the festival goers.

In addition to the schedule being released, today is also your last day to pick up a 3-day festival pass for a discounted rate of $25 if you haven’t already. You can pick up a pass inside Dumb Records (store hours are noon – 8:00 pm) or online right here. After that, you will still be able to pay at the door for all shows.

Find a facebook event for Dumb Fe5t right here, also check out our Dumb Fe5t page on our site for links to all of the bands playing. See you this weekend!

Saturday Dumb Fe5t Early Show at Southtown Sound: Undesirable People, Bogues


Here we are just a few days before Dumb Fe5t and we are just adding more bands and adding more shows to the big weekend left and right! How about that. The new recording studio on our block – Southtown Sound will be active all during the fest recording some bands to release as a compilation. They also want to be open to the public at some point during the fest so anyone from out of town has the opportunity to check out the new space. So, early on day 2 of Dumb Fe5t (Saturday, June 10th) the studio will be hosting two bands – Undesirable People from Detroit, Michigan and Bogues from Nashville, Tennessee. Undesirable People will also be performing at the unofficial aftershow at Bar None later that night (the only band playing two sets during the fest). Check out their music streaming on the player below.

Again, this will start at 11:00 am over in Southtown Sound behind Black Sheep and Dumb Records. The event is free! You don’t need a Dumb Fest pass to get up to the studio. Find a facebook event for all of Dumb Fe5t right here. And check out our Dumb Fest 5 page right here.