years active: 2009 – present

Kickstart is a pop-punk band from Springfield, Illinois. The trio consists of Zach Goriszewski, Luke Daniels, and Sam Hayden. The boys are not unfamiliar with the local music scene, each coming from former local acts such as Intricate Collapse, Living In The Moment, and Park Avenue. Due to past projects and experiences the boys create a sound unique to their own. Kickstart brings the elements of pop-punk, rock rap, alternative rock, and easy core all under one roof.

Kickstart was formed for one purpose only and that is to make music that brings people together, not to mention play as many live shows as they possibly can. The boys are currently working on an acoustic EP, a rock rap EP, and a full-length studio album, all to be released in the course of this year.

Zach Goriszewski – lead vocals/guitar
Ian Mundstock – drums

past members:
Luke Daniels – bass/vocals
Sam Hayden – drums

2015 Subdue

related projects:
Living In The Moment
Intricate Collapse
Park Avenue

links: facebook | twitter

contact: | Sam (booking, business) 217-622-0179 | Zach (press) 217-303-3296


10 thoughts on “Kickstart

  1. Kickstart puts on a great show. Such awesome guys too! Zach, Luke, & Sam are so committed to making sure their sound is on point and the crowd is pleased. They sample covers from Blink-182, the Beastie Boys, and others, as well as their show stopping originals such as “Can I Remind You” and Blacksheep favorite “Raining on the Inside.” Not your average rock band. This band is really onto something spectacular. Kickstart’s modern blend of a variety of genres creates an all-around kick ass musical experience. Their energy is high and infectious. I honestly feel like Kickstart should be playing in much bigger venues so they can utilize their talent on a larger scale. Most definitely worth the $5 cover charge.

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