Dumb Records is a record in Southtown, right next to Black Sheep. We sell new and used records, CDs, cassettes, zines, shirts, and other music related things. Dumb Records was started at the beginning of 2014 by some of the owners and people who have helped make all ages venues The Black Sheep Cafe in Springfield and Error Records (2012-2015) in Champaign possible. Today it is continued to be ran as a collective, with an all-volunteer staff focused on continuing the store to add something to the neighborhood and to provide music to all types of fans of genres in all sorts of formats at an affordable range. There is an emphasis on music local to Central Illinois as well as touring bands that come through our area. Dumb Records also holds the same value to DIY punk and community that The Black Sheep Cafe has held for the past ten+ years.

We do buy or exchange store credit for used LPs, 45s, CDs, and cassettes. To do that you need to call us to set up an appointment at 217-691-8991.

Are you looking for one item in particular? We carry request forms in our store that you can fill out so that we can special items for you. We can not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request. Special orders get 10% off.

Location: 1107 South Grand E. Springfield, IL

Store Hours
Open every day of the week from noon until 8:00 pm
Nights there are shows at Black Sheep open until 9:00 pm

Links: facebook | flickr | twitter | instagram

Dumb Records Record Of The Night

Contact: dumbrecs@gmail.com | 217-691-8991



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