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Dumb Fe5t 2 Weeks Away, Call For Volunteers!


Oh dear!! Dumb Fest 5 is only two weeks away at this point and we need your help! We are desperately seeking volunteers to help out running the festival in two weeks and making sure everything goes smooth. We will be holding a meeting tomorrow inside Dumb Records at 7:00 pm to do some volunteer planning for the fest. Anyone and everyone who would like to help out with the fest is welcome to come out! We will be looking for help running sound and the stages, parking, door, and working the record store among other things.

Aside from the meeting, if you are unable to make it tomorrow and would like to help in some way you can reach out to us at We are also in desperate need of extra housing for bands on Friday and Saturday nights of the fest!! If there is any way you can house bands for either of those nights, please reach out to us!

Check out the Dumb Fest 5 page for the full lineup of bands, when and where the shows are happening, and ticket info.

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