Springfield Community

217 Hiphop | 217hiphop.com
your spot for everything hip-hop related in the area

Asswolf Industries | asswolfindustries.bigcartel.com
record label and multi-billion dollar corporation ran by a wolf

Blackbox Records | blackboxrecords.storenvy.com
Springfield based record label and distro

Clouded Sky Recordings | facebook.com/pages/Clouded-Sky-Recordings/480044892083613
Springfield based underground noise label

Empire Board Shop | facebook.com/EmpireSkating
local skate shop

Deep Space Illinois | deepspacediy.blogspot.com/
illinois show listings happening outside of chicago

Dog Years Records | dogyearsrecords.com
midwest based record label featuring hardcore punk bands

Donnie’s Homespun | http://www.donnieshomespun.com/
pizza restaurant and newest music venue in Springfield

Dreaming of a Cooperative | facebook.com/DreamingOfACooperativeSpringfieldIllinois
the start of of organizing a local brick and mortar grocery cooperative in springfield

Error Records | errorrecords.com
Champaign-based record label and all ages music venue

Harm House | harm-house.tumblr.com
Record-of-the-night photos from a house full of punks

Hooglan Center For The Arts | hcfta.org
downtown concert and music center

Illinois Times | illinoistimes.com/Springfield
Springfield based weekly publication of news, arts, and entertainment

Kuloolu Records | facebook.com/kuloolurecords
midwest label with focus on releasing cassettes

Lincoln’s Legends Podcast | lincolnslegendspodcast.blogspot.com
podcast focusing on artists and professionals that make springfield a creative place

Local First Springfield  | localfirstspringfield.com
a list of local businesses around town

Miles T-Shirts | milestshirts.com
screen printing for shirts, banners, and more

PANTS | facebook.com/bxspants
punks against negative thoughts and suicide

Patch Records | patchrecords.wordpress.com
Springfield-based record label

The Pharmacy | thepharmacygallery.com
artist co-op and community center on South Grand and Pasfield

Prairie Art Alliance | prairieart.org
non-for-profit art gallery and art school located downtown

The Radon Lounge | theradonlounge.com
underground DIY basement venue since 2011

Rat Kind Records | ratkingrecords.com
Champaign-based record label

The Rose City Underground | rosecityunderground.org
community center and safe space in Pana, IL

Set List Springfieldmusic.sj-r.com
info on Springfield bands and musicians

Skank Skates | skankskates.com
southtown indoor skate park since 1988

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored | somethingscantbeignored.wordpress.com
music blog featuring Springfield releases around the 1990s

Southern Fryed Radio | southernfryedradio.com
online radio show also featuring live shows around Springfield

Springfield Art Association | springfieldart.org
non-for-profit organization promoting the arts in Springfield

Springfield Community Arts Forum | facebook.com/groups/156349871078254/
facebook group dedicated to music and art events in Springfield

Springfield Shows | facebook.com/springfieldshows
Facebook page for upcoming shows and music events in town

Third Thursday Art Show | thespectra.net/thirdthursday/
monthly art and music event featuring artists local to Springfield

Tuesday Night Hootenanny Cottage Cheese And Farm Report | tuesdaynighthoot.com
punk rock podcast based out of central illinois

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