DUMB FEST 6 Happening June 8th, 9th, and 10th


Today we are FINALLY officially announcing the dates for Dumb Fest #6 – the SIXTH time we have hosted Dumb Fest since the first one in 2013. The dates for that are June 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2018. We apologize for being farther behind this year than any other year on getting you those dates! Band announcements will start going up very soon. You can check out a facebook event for the fest right here, also be sure to follow the Dumb Fest facebook page for more updates. We will have a separate page up on our site for Dumb Fest 6 soon!

You can find an album of photos of Dumb Fest #5 which happened last summer taken by photographer Veronica Mullen right here.


Southtown Sound Dumb Fe5t Compilation


Many of you may have forgotten that during Dumb Fe5t (now over one month ago), Southtown Sound was not necessarily opened up as a show space but instead they were in their own corner of our neighborhood working away recording countless bands for a special project. Today we are releasing that compilation of songs that were recorded as live tracks throughout that entire weekend – 15 songs from 15 different bands who all played this past year at Dumb Fe5t. Stream that entire compilation on the player below. Also head over to the Prescience Tapes bandcamp page to download the entire compilation at your own price. Prescience Tapes will be releasing a physical format of the comp which will hopefully be available on cassette at Black Sheep Fest and also at Dumb Records.

Now that the Dumb Fe5t compilation is out there, and more non-live recordings are on the way (from Bottom Bracket, Stick People, and more)- you can expect a big update from us on what Southtown Sound has been up to some time next week!

Dumb Fe5t Photos (Days 2 & 3) by Veronica Mullen


The content does not get much better than this! Today we are coming at you hot with a fresh batch of many photos from Dumb Fe5t which was already 10 days ago at this point (wow). We now have uploaded a little over 200 photos total all taken by official pro photographer Veronica Mullen. Check out all of those photos:

On the Dumb Fest facebook page right here.
On our flickr page right here.

In addition to all of those photos, you can also check out videos of the full set of almost every band that played Dumb Fest taken by Gordon Chang of Macomb Events youtube channel right here. Then we have another close to 100 photos of Dumb Fest from Panoptic Photography right here.

Nice! Thank you to Gordon, AJ, and Veronica for all of these photos and videos and thank you once again to everyone who helped make Dumb Fest possible this year. We’ll be back hopefully later tonight with some news on Black Sheep Fest later this summer!



Photos: Dumb Fe5t Day 1


We are here and ready to get back on track after an incredible Dumb Fest #5 this past weekend! Can we just say WOW, we had an extremely successful weekend full of bands and festival attendees having a great time and rockin’ it on all 7? 8? or 9? Dumb Fest stages.

Tonight we are bringing you a first round of many more Dumb Fest photos to come. These are all of the photos we have of the first night inside Black Sheep, where just 6 bands of the 55 total performed. Find those photos here on our Dumb Fe5t flickr album, or here on our Dumb Fe5t facebook album. All of these photos are taken by the talented photographer Veronica Mullen. If you would like a taste of more of Veronica’s Dumb Fest photos, check out her page V Mullen Media on facebook.

Photos from Dumb Fe5t day 2 and 3 to come shortly!




The last day of Dumb Fe5t is here, and we still have plenty to look forward to today! Time to scrounge up that last bit of energy we have left of this weekend and rock and roll as much as we can for this last day. Today kicks off as early as 10:00 am over at Cafe Andiamo (204 S. 6th Street downtown). Here’s what we have lined up for that:

KOWABUNGA! KID (Champaign, IL)
IT’S ME: ROSS (Columbia, MO)
VIDEO GRAVES (Bloomington, IN)
ATTIC SALT (Springfield)

Then we are taking a short break and are going to pick things up for the next show at 3:00 pm taking place somewhere outside. This could be anywhere in Springfield. You have to go on a big scavenger hunt around town to find out where the bands are playing. Good luck! Here’s the lineup for that one:

LIVIN’ THING (Springfield)
THE WAD (St. Louis, MO)
BLEAK AGE (Oklahoma City, OK)

Then after that for the very last show at 7:00 pm we are going to head back to the ranch and have the last few bands play inside our record store Dumb Records to close out the fest.

FETISH (Houston, TX)
STYE (Bloomington, IL)
THE DRY LOOK (Champaign, IL)

And that will be it! Then we will all watch a movie outside on our projector next to our elephant and cry. Today the show at Cafe Andiamo is $5, the show somewhere outside is free, and the show in Dumb Records is $5. Nice. Find a facebook event for all of Dumb Fest 5 right here. Stream some music from Video Graves on the player below.




Good morning, and we are hope you are ready for the most jam-packed day of Dumb Fe5t happening this weekend! Bands today kick off as early as 11:00 am up in Southtown Sound with performances by Undesirable People from Detroit, Michigan and Bogues from Nashville, Tennessee. After that at noon we will go into the classic Dumb Fest schedule of bands back and forth between Skank Skates and Black Sheep. Here are all of the bands on the Skanks / Black Sheep stages for all day today (not in order):

PRYSS (Springfield)
WARM BODIES (Kansas City, MO)
RAYS (Oakland, CA)
DUMSPELL (Hattiesburg, MS)
JUDY & THE JERKS (Hattiesburg, MS)
BLACK THUMB (Appleton, WI)
DRUJ (Oklahoma City, OK)
PROM NITE (Toronto, Ontario)
PLASTIC (Chicago, IL)
EYE JAMMY (Hattiesburg, MS)
SPELL BREAKER (Springfield, IL)
BAD EXAMPLE (Birmingham, AL)
CHEW (Chicago, IL)
NARB (McAllen, TX)
JEAN JAM (Chicago, IL)
SQUELCH (Little Rock, AR)
DREAM PROBE (Champaign, IL)
BITE (Bloomington, IL)

Bands will be going on the main stages until roughly 11:00 tonight, and at 10:00 pm an unofficial aftershow will be kicking off at Bar None (245 S 5th Street) open to those who are ages 21 and up and will likely be going until 1:00 am. That one will feature bands Livid, Cruelster, Death Valley, Law of the Night, and Animals With Human Names. Will there be anything in town after that? Did anyone hear any rumors about Lumpy & The Dumpers playing anywhere? Who knows!

The main show at Black Sheep / Skank Skates today is $20 admission (for close to 30 bands). It’s free to get into Southtown Sound for the bands at 11:00 am, and the unofficial Bar None show downtown is $5. Find a facebook event for all of Dumb Fest right here. Stream some music from Dumspell below.




Would you believe it Dumb Fest #5 is really here, we have made it to the biggest weekend of the year for us once again. Get ready for an intense three days full of nonstop bands and music from all over the country. Tonight the fest kicks off inside Black Sheep at 6:00 pm. We did have one band drop tonight’s show (Mirror Mirror from St. Louis), but other that everything is happening as planned:

P.E.A.R.L. (Moreno Valley, CA)
BRUISED (Chicago, IL)
FYC (Indianapolis, IN)
TOOMS (Galesburg, IL)
PROWESS (Springfield)

Then there is an aftershow taking place somewhere out there after the show at Black Sheep gets over with:

86 GEMINI (Chicago, IL)
TIGRESS (Chicago, IL)
GRINN (Springfield)

(For more information on that aftershow you’ll have to show up to the show at Black Sheep). The show tonight at Black Sheep is $10 if you do not have a three day pass. (You do not need a pass to get in the show tonight or any of the other Dumb Fest shows)! Find a full schedule for the weekend over at our Dumb Fest 5 page on our site. Also find a Dumb Fe5t facebook event right here. Stream some music from California’s P.E.A.R.L. below!