Dumb Fest 1


The first DUMB FEST took place on June 14th and 15th at Black Sheep and Skank Skates. 25 bands played.

RENAE (reunion)

EARTH WITCH from Champaign

ARROWS IN HER from New Jersey

CLASS PICTURE from Glenwood, Maryland

HEAVY ARMS from St. Louis

TENEMENT from Appleton, Wisconsin

OUR LADY local to Springfield

BIG EYES from Seattle, Washington

THE COPYRIGHTS from Carbondale

SHAVED WOMEN from St. Louis

MOTHER LEOPARD local to Springfield

ANGRY GODS from Chicago

BOILERMAN from Chicago

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS from St. Louis, Missouri

DINO BRAVO from Champaign

CATERPILLAR CLUB local to Springfield

TECHNICOLOR TEETH from Appleton, Wisconsin

NEED from Champaign/Chicago

GAS UP YR HEARSE from Bloomington/Normal

HORRIBLE THINGS from Champaign

SAY SOMETHING local to Springfield

BAILOUT from Champaign/Chicago

TRAUMA HARNESS from Belleville

YUSUKE from Peoria/Bloomington

SOAP SCUM local to Springfield

RenaeClass PictureDino BravoHeavy ArmsRenaeClass Picture
YusukeEarth WitchRenaeDumb FestArrows In HerDino Bravo
Dumb FestRenaeClass PictureYusukeRenaeDumb Fest
RenaeArrows In HerDumb FestBig EyesDino BravoDumb Fest

Dumb Fest, a set on Flickr.

Will there be a Dumb Fest next year?


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