Dumb Fest 2



Last year in June we hosted the first ever DUMB FEST at Black Sheep and Skank Skates and it was a smashing success. The idea behind the festival was to put together something that focused on current punk and hardcore DIY music happening in Central Illinois and the surrounding areas. DUMB FEST 2 will be happening on Friday and Saturday June 13th and 14th, 2014. Here is the full lineup:

DAY 1 (Friday the 13th) starts at 3:00pm
Our Lady (Springfield) – 10:20 pm
Lord Snow (Chicago) – 9:40 pm
Estates (Milwaukee, WI) – 9:00 pm
Kowabunga! Kid (Champaign) – 8:30 pm
Coma Regalia (Lafayette, IN) – 7:50 pm
Itto (Chicago) – 7:10 pm
Cruelster (Cleveland, OH) – 6:40 pm
Young Leaves (Holliston, MA) – 6:00 pm
Looming (Springfield) – 5:30 pm
Rat Storm (Bloomington, IN) – 5:05 pm
Jeremiah Fisher (Champaign) – 4:40 pm
Doomsayer (Champaign) – 4:20 pm
Sooper Swag Project (Chicago) – 3:50 pm
King Worm (Springfield) – 3:30 pm
Table Drama (Springfield) – 3:00 pm

DAY 2 (Saturday the 14th) starts at 1:00pm
Lipstick Homicide
 (Coralville, IA) – 10:50 pm
Easter (Champaign/Chicago) (final Springfield show) – 10:10 pm
Gas Rag
(Chicago) – 9:50 pm
The Holidays (Philadelphia, PA) – 9:20 pm
Dirty Work (Kansas City, MO) – 9:00 pm
Hospital Job (Springfield) – 8:30 pm
Broken Prayer (Chicago) – 8:00 pm
Angry Gods (Chicago) – 7:30 pm
Soap Scum (Springfield) – 7:10 pm
The Valenteens (Chicago) – 6:40 pm
Low Tax (Denver) – 6:20 pm
Earth Girls (Chicago) – 5:50 pm
Asthma (Springfield) – 5:30 pm
Shaved Women (St. Louis) – 5:00 pm
Big Zit (North West Indiana) – 4:40 pm
Black Panties (St. Louis) – 4:10 pm
Chain’s Gang (final show) (Champaign) – 3:50 pm
Distract Future (Chicago) – 3:30 pm
CHUD (Bloomington, IN) – 3:10 pm
Carbonleak (North Western IN) – 2:40 pm
Rüz (St. Louis) – 2:20 pm
Mouthsex (Springfield) – 2:00 pm
Wolf Luv (Champaign) – 1:40 pm
Ski Mask (Columbia, MO) – 1:20 pm
Swamp Rat (Springfield) – 1:00 pm

Dumb Fest 2 will be happening inside Black Sheep, Skank Skates, and this year also inside the newly opened Dumb Records. Want to see the lineup and some photos from last year’s Dumb Fest? We have a page for that right here. 


The first 50 Dumb Fest ticket pre-orders will get one free hand screen printed poster. Two-day passes can be purchased now online (link above) and at Dumb Records for $20 ($10 per day). Single-day passes are also on sale for $12 each. Admission the day of the fest will be $15 per day.

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 10.31.15 AM




Dumb Fest 1 page and lineup


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