Our Website 5 Years Old Today


Could you believe it, our website – blacksheepspringfield.com was launched on this very date exactly five years ago (August 7th, 2012). At that point the very idea of a record store, recording studio, Dumb Fest, and many other project had not even been born yet. Check out our Black Sheep history page to see more of a timeline on how much we’ve come along over the years. Here’s to another five more years of pumping out more content on Springfield local music and shows!

Thanks to all who came out to Black Sheep Fest this past weekend! We’ll be back later tonight with an announcement for a Black Sheep 12 year anniversary show in September!


Welcome to 2017


Another year is here for all of us! Our first show of the year is happening in just a couple of days this Tuesday with GUSH, Acrylics, Fussy, Pryss, and Livin’ Thing. More info on that one right here. The three year anniversary of Dumb Records is also coming up in just ten days on 1/11- more info on that one right here. See what other shows we have lined up so far this year on our shows page.

NIL8 Launch New Website

NIL8It has been years and years since long-running Springfield punk band NIL8 had an operating website- before it was NIL8.com. This month the band have launched a brand new site for the first time in years with plenty of features including fliers spanning the past four decades, as well as audio and video recordings of live shows spanning all the way back to 1985. The new site is www.switchdrops.com, named after a NIL8 song off of the album Hallelujah I’m Gonna Kill Myself. Here is a more in-depth explaination of what switchdrops.com is about:

Enter SwitchDrops.com — an unofficial source for all things NIL8. Right from the start you’ll find tour dates covering almost 30 years, downloads of live recordings, and a look at various pieces of NIL8 memorabilia. This is absolutely a work in progress with plenty of holes to be filled. If you’ve got something to contribute — evidence of a past tour date, a recording you made of a live show, a snapshot of a piece of memorabilia — just drop an email our way [or reach out via Twitter @swtichdrops] and you’ll be helping this site become a more comprehensive (and long-overdue) resource for NIL8 fans everywhere!

Check out the new website right here. Stay tuned for more information on NIL8’s annual “Hobgoblinspookadelic” Halloween show as well as a special Black Sheep Halloween Show to be announced very soon.


Blacksheepspringfield.com Two Years Old Today!

10462605_729334333776672_1781988654563844945_nToday this here website that you are looking at turns two years old. We want to thank all of you who have stuck with us for that long, or have hopped on board any time during the past few years.

In the past year we have added a few new features to our site. We have welcomed Dumb Records and South Town Studio to South Town and also created separate pages for them on this site. We have added countless of more band pages (past and present) for you all to check out. Black Sheep is also nearing it’s ninth year anniversary, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for an anniversary show announcement that will be happening next month! In the meantime our next special event is the Black Sheep Band Lotto Show, which is happening in a little over a week!


Post #1000!


Woohoo! Today we are happy to have finally made it to post number one thousand on this site that we have been going at for about one and a half years now (since August of 2012). Our site has been growing since the start and we have all of you to thank for continuing to check out what we’re doing.

We would also like to thank all of you who have been supportive of our announcement for the Dumb Waterpark™ coming later this summer. It’s been a long time coming and it looks like thanks to all of your support we are finally going to have our own water park in South Town. Get ready for a hot, dumb and splashy summer!

New Pages: Recording Studio

milesYou might remember a while back when we announced that Brandon Carnes (Looming, The Timmys, Big Storm) has started his own home studio right here in South Town. Today we are bringing you a new page on our site so you can learn more about the studio, which has been named “South Town Studio” and find out how you can contact Brandon if you are looking for affordable rates on quality recordings for any band. Check out the new page right here, or hover over the “studio” tab where you can now find the recording studio page and also the page for The Black Sheep Radio Show, which is now recorded inside South Town Studio.


New Pages: Dumb Records

happydmb1Things at Black Sheep headquarters and Dumb Industires are getting dumber by the minute. Today we are bringing you a whole new page of Dumb on our site. It is a brand new page for Dumb Records, the newly announced record store coming to Black Sheep in January of 2014. Check out or original announcement post for Dumb Records here, and our post on our January 11th grand opening right here. Go here to check out the new Dumb Records page, or click on the “dumb” tab located above.

On the Dumb Records page you can find out a little more about what Dumb Records is, as well as our store hours (once we are open), and any other general info. The page is still a work in progress, so keep checking back for any updates!