Tonight at Dumb Records: Pussy Foot, Grinn, Spell Breaker


Oh nice one, there is going to be live music inside Dumb Records tonight kicking off in just a few hours! Tonight the touring grunge / punk act “Pussy Foot” (can you say that one on the radio?) will be making a guest appearance inside the record store. Stream some of their new music just released *today* on that player embedded below. This is also going to be a fun show because it will feature a new lineup of the hardcore band GRINN now featuring members of Livin’ Thing and MilesTShirtsTheBand.Com! Opening things up is the third show ever for Spell Breaker – a new Springfield group featuring members of SAP and Lincoln’s Tomb.

The show kicks off inside Dumb Records tonight right at 7:00 pm. Admission is $5. There are no sales. Find a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else is going on in Southtown this summer.

Lineup For Springfield Pridefest May 20th


Did you know that Springfield Pridefest is happening once again this year, and it’s coming up this Saturday, May 20th? Wow! This year the festival is taking place once again on 4th and Capitol Streets downtown and features a lineup of bands which you can find listed above. This year that includes Sarah Jane & The Blue Notes, Middle Class Fashion, Wolf Crick Boys, Starter Jackets, and more. The festival will end with a drag show like it has done with years past. One new addition to pridefest this year is a parade taking place downtown before bands on the main stage. The parade will be starting at 11:00 am and you can find more info on that right here.

Find a facebook event for Pridefest right here. The event is also free and all ages. Check out our Springfield shows page for more shows happening in town outside of Black Sheep.

Record Store Day April 22nd at Dumb Records


Every April the big annual event “Record Store Day” takes place to highlight local and independent record stores across the globe. This includes Southtown’s record store Dumb Records which has been going strong since early 2014. This year Record Store Day takes place on Saturday, April 22nd. This will be Dumb Records‘s fourth year participating and also the tenth ever Record Store Day to be held worldwide. This year our store has a lot lined up – and the event is only 11 days away!

This year Dumb Records will be open for Record Store Day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm at night. Feel free to show up early and wait in line! Plenty of exclusive releases will be available on first come first serve basis. You can find a list of every RSD release this year on the Record Store Day site right here. We will also be posting a separate list of most of these releases which we plan on getting in store. Expect that here on our site within the next couple of days. Aside from the RSD exclusive releases, everything else in store (new and used) will be on sale for 15% off marked prices. Oh! And we almost forgot- Cafe Andiamo will be providing free coffee for all at in our store!

Of course we will be having plenty of in-store performances to go along with Record Store Day. From 10:00 am to noon you can find DJ Tariq spinning records and doing his thing at the store. Then at 1:00 pm we will be having a free in-store show with three acts. That will start with MLR featuring Luct Melod. Then Skunkworks from Jacksonville, Illinois will follow. And last we have The Young Eyes from Hillsboro, Illinois playing some sweet psychedelic indie rock. Check out their new record (which is available at Dumb on vinyl) below.

That about covers it! Find a facebook event for Record Store Day at Dumb right here, and also check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep in the near future.

Sunday, March 19th Black Sheep Presents A Show at Cafe Andiamo


We are excited to announce another little partnership between us at Black Sheep and another local business. We are teaming up with Café Andiamo downtown to bring you one show in the basement of their space on Sunday, March 19th! Don’t miss this rare chance to catch an all ages show in downtown Springfield! We have a great lineup for this show including one touring act from California. Headlining the bill we have Bottom Bracket from right here in Springfield. Then on tour from Los Angeles we have the full band of Jason Paul– featuring one member of Benny The Jet Rodriguez who have played at Black Sheep before. Stream their music on the player below. Before that we have Springfield music legend Tom Irwin on board joining us for this one! Tom recently finished up a kickstarter champaign to produce a new album and release it on vinyl. Opening things up is a newer Springfield band called “The Little Death.”

This show will be at Café Andiamo (204 S 6th St). Things will start at 7:00 pm and we will be taking donations for the touring act. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also check out our Springfield shows page for a look at other shows happening in town outside of Black Sheep.

The Springfield Business Journal: “Hope For a Bright Future”


Looking at the cover, most of you wouldn’t think that the cover of the Springfield Business Journal for the month of March 2017 has anything to do with what we are doing at Black Sheep or Dumb Records. The headline is “Hope For A Bright Future” and has a photo of Clavin Pitts who is director of a new Southtown-based business called South Town Training Center. Calvin has been hard at work renovating two buildings located at 1124 and 1122 South Grand Ave East, right across the street from Dumb Records and right next door to Walch’s Stained Glass Studio for close to a year now. From the article:

Inside a nondescript brick building in Springfield’s South Town business district, a wall covered with clear acrylic instead of drywall illustrates various tools and electrical wiring standards. Between the wooden studs, next to lineman pliers and a conduit bender, are inspirational messages about leadership and discipline.

Calvin Pitts built the wall as a teaching aid inside his South Town Training Center, which he’s opening this year as a space dedicated to offering construction training for people who might not have any other opportunity for a career. It’s an expansion of work Pitts started four years ago, providing job training and a healthy dose of hope. Soon, his students will learn skills such as solar panel installation and radon testing and mitigation through partnerships with other Springfield organizations.

Check out the full Springfield Business Journal online right here. The South Town Training Center’s program is set to be in full effect this spring as they are putting finishing touches on getting the buildings ready. It is certainly great to see new businesses popping up in our neighborhood!

Tonight at Black Sheep: Free Kittens & Bread, Old Fox Road, Gadget, Bottom Bracket


It’s a Monday night – and some of you don’t have work or school due to some holiday going on so it sounds like a perfect night for a show to happen at Black Sheep. Tonight we have the band Free Kittens & Bread returning from Texas after playing here last year in 2016. Check out some of their newer music streaming on the player below. We also have the full on electric pop punk, once folk punk band Old Fox Road on the bill. Then coming from Decatur, Illinois is the three-piece pop punk band Gadget. Opening things up tonight we will have “Bottom Bracket” (once called “Christmas Canamela” or “Roman Candle Drive-By”).

This show will start at 7:00 pm tonight and admission is only $5. You can check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep these next few months.

Tonight at Black Sheep & Dumb Records: Crowns, Stems, Sidelined, Low Weather, P.I.N.T., Mysery, Black Bloc, Gutterpriest


Tonight we have the ‘ol classic double header happening tonight inside Black Sheep and Dumb Records. There will be six whole bands playing inside Black Sheep and two inside of Dumb Records for a whole eight bands total! (yikes)!

Let’s take a look at the Black Sheep show first. Tonight we have returning champs from Indiana, Sidelined playing this show. They have played Black Sheep a good number of times in many years past. Then the main touring act on this gig (we think) is Crowns from Nashville, Tennessee. You can check out some of their music streaming on the player below. We also have the grungy as ever three piece from Taylorville, Illinois on this show- Stems. And a FOURth band from outside of Springfield “Low Weather” is playing. They are coming all the way from Seattle, Washington (wow that’s a lot of music from all over the place). The local acts on this bill are solo project Pretend I’m Not There, and other solo project Mystery (maybe the shortened version of Mystery Gift)?

Then inside DUMB RECORDS happening in between bands at Black Sheep we have a couple of noise acts lined up. Those will be Black Bloc (noise electronic act from New York), and also the intense local noisecore act Gutterpriest. Black Bloc also performed at South Town Studio last summer.

Things are going to be kicking off right at 7:00 pm over at Black Sheep. The Black Sheep show is $8, and we will just be taking donations over at the Dumb Records stage. You can find a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up in 2017 at Black Sheep.