The Studio Show: Season 3 Episode 1


We are very excited that our favorite Springfield-based web series is back! The Studio Show within the past week released their first episode of a brand new Season #3 after being gone from us with their last season ending roughly one year ago. The usual cast of Arlin Peebles and Keil Isham are back as two hosts of the series with 30 minute episodes featuring local artists and musicians and other fun tidbits thrown in. Episode one of the new season features local poet Ian Winterbauer and local singer/songwriter Kate Laine as guests. Both of whom are very familiar to the Black Sheep stage. Stream that new episode on the player below. Check out The Studio Show’s Youtube channel for all episodes of the past.

Pictured above is a writeup done on The Studio Show in this week’s copy of The Illinois Times done by Scott Faingold. You can find that here. Host of The Studio Show Aril Peebles will also be performing at Black Sheep this Saturday as part of the Radon Lounge presents show.


The Studio Show Back For A Third Season in 2018


It looks like hit Springfield-based web series highlighting much art and music going on in our area, The Studio Show, have announced they will be back for a third season early next year and we couldn’t be more excited to hear the news. The Studio Show released a short teaser video on their facebook page earlier this month. Let’s see if we can get that embedded at the bottom of this post… On the teaser the date January 30th, 2018 is given for the debut of the third season.

In addition to this announcement, the show also has their first recorded band night planned for Friday, December 8th and is open to the public for a suggested donation of $5. For that the lineup features three local solo performers – Whitney Devine, Kate Laine, and Devin Williams. Find a facebook event for that one right here. We will be sure to keep you all posted as more news on a third seeason of The Studio Show unfolds.

The Studio Show: Season 2 Finale

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 8.10.50 PM.png

As sad as we are to see the second season of The Studio Show come to an end so quickly- we have to also say that those of us at Black Sheep headquarters are BLOWN AWAY by this finale of another successful season of the Springfield-based web series. The Studio Show kicked off their first season at the beginning of this year and have since completed another season, featuring regular hosts Arlin and Keil interviewing and exploring local Springfield artists, musicians, and community events.

In the final episode, which totals a little over 37 minutes long, you can find a breathtaking segment of drone footage from all over Springfield (pictured above). Also interviews with representatives of Downtown Springfield Inc., and an interesting musical guest Jeff Williams of NIL8. Also catch some guest appearances by Jeremie Bailey of Lincoln’s Legends and also Brian Galecki again as a “Go-lacky.” Check out the new episode below, and also head over to The Studio Show’s Youtube Channel for all videos and past episodes.

Also notable is that The Illinois Times featured an article covering the show today which you can find right here. Also Rachel and Scott from The Scene covered The Studio Show on WUIS which you can listen to right here. Along with this season finale, it looks like The Studio Show team have announced they are putting the show on hold for some time and will likely be focusing efforts on different things in the future.

The Studio Show: Season 2 Episode 5

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.59.36 PM.png

We just can’t get over how great this second season of The Studio Show. The Springfield based web series highlighting artists and musicians from the area is already five episodes into it’s second season which kicked off earlier this fall. This episode has all sorts of Black Sheep / Dumb Records goodies. You can catch Black Sheep co-owner Clare Frachey starring in a trailer for an “indie” flick coming to theaters near you, Scott Faingold of Epsom as a therapist, and some quick shots at Black Sheep and Dumb Records. Guest artist this time around is Marcellus Leonard, and the featured band is Lazer Dudes. You can check out the full new episode on the player below.

The Studio Show Season 2 Episodes 2 + 3

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 8.36.04 AM.png

The Studio Show are going at it very hard into their second season and we can hardly keep up with all of the episodes they are cranking out! The first three episodes of the new season have all been back to back to back in one week intervals. We have been told that episode 4 will be a special Halloween-themed episode with a little bit of a longer wait but it is coming very soon.

As you can see pictured above, Episode 2 features Brian Galecki as “The Golacky,” it also features local poet Thea Chesley and Jukebox Casanova as the featured guest band. Episode 3 takes things to a new level and features the mayor of Springfield Jim Langfielder himself and also The Frank Trompeter Quintet for the musical guest. You can find both of those episodes below, also check out The Studio Show’s youtube channel for every video they have done so far including first and second seasons.

The Studio Show: Season 2 Episode 1

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.04.30 AM.png

We are happy to see that the Springfield TV show / web series The Studio Show is back at it again, coming in strong this week with the debut of their second season. For those of you unfamiliar with The Studio Show, here is their description from their facebook page:

The Studio Show exists to capture what is interesting and unique about the culture of Springfield, IL. The bi-weekly video format serves as a platform to connect local artists, musicians, writers, entertainers, and businesses to each other and the community. Since the fall of 2015, 12 episodes have been recorded and released to YouTube with overwhelming praise from the Springfield community and press. The creators are Dave Heinzel (director/camera/editor), Arlin Peebles (co-host/writer), Keil Isham (co-host/writer), Joe Day (camera/engineer), Clay Stalter (camera/photographer), Adam Nicholson (writer/scout), Adam Strong (landlord/consultant), and Ty Poppenhouse (writer/boom).

The show is coming back for a second season after a successful kickstarter campaign this summer to upgrade their equipment and keep up with running costs. The new episode sticks to their previous 25 minute format, with some extra special tidbits including the debut of a new Epsom music video, “community segments” and maybe even some short clips shot at Black Sheep Fest this past summer. Check out the new episode below:

The Studio Show Needs Your Help!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.33.06 AM.png

The hit Springfield youtube series and web show The Studio Show have had a successful first season and it looks like they trying to get ready for an even bigger and better second season. The Studio Show launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week to help propel them into a successful second season. The campaign is to raise funds for The Studio Show to acquire equipment and props needed to take the second season to the next level. You can go to the campaign page and check out the show’s nifty video for the Kickstarter:


Click on that link right up there ^^^ to go to the Kickstarter. A couple of days into the campaign and the show has over 10% of the funds they need to reach their $5,000 goal. There is also a long list of incentives for donators, which you can also check out on the Kickstarter page. From the Kickstarter:

Season 1 was completed with no budget, found props, dumpster-dive set pieces and hundreds of hours of donated time by the cast and crew. With your help, we can get Joe some decent equipment, fill Arlin’s wardrobe closet, and buy Keil new antiques.

We have big plans for Season 2 and they can only be realized through your support and generosity. Every donation counts, so please check out all of our funding options and the sweet perks that can be yours!

The Studio Show has featured a number of bands and artists familiar to The Black Sheep stage in their first season including Jeff Williams, Clare Frachey, SAP, Looming, The Luzhin Defense, Animals With Human Names, and more.