Looming Debut New Song, New Album “Seed” Out September 29th


It is an exciting day indeed because the rising band Looming have officially announced their new album today through website Brooklyn Vegan. The new album is officially titled Seed and the release date is scheduled for September 29th. The album is being put out by No Sleep Records, who also released the band’s first full length album Nailbiter in 2015. Artwork was once again done by Milk Tirehaus of the band King Worm. Check out the Brooklyn Vegan article right here. The article also lists out solo tour dates for Jessica Knight throughout the months of August and September this year before the album is released. In addition to announcing the album, the band is also releasing the first track off of Seed – and that is the song “Down” which you can find on the youtube player embedded below.

Looming does have two shows currently lined up in Springfield – this includes Thursday, July 27th later this month along with Aviator, Lume, and Moondead and also Downhome Music Festival on Saturday, July 28th.

Robot Bachelor: “The Third Houseboat Album”


Today we bring you some new Springfield-ish music that was released a couple months ago now but we feel is very worthy of mentioning here on our site! This one comes from  a new project called “Robot Bachelor” who recently put out a debut full length album called The Third House Boat Album which you can find streaming below. The band features Springfield’s own Luke McNeil of Hospital Job, Starter Jackets, and The Copyrights. The group is fronted by Grath Madden of Houseboat and The Steinways (not from Springfield). The album was recorded right here in Springfield by Luke. The group is not playing any live shows as far as we can tell! Head over to the band’s bandcamp page to download the full album for $7.

Heptanes: “Demon Stratus”


We might be a little late to the game on this one, but new Springfield project “Heptanes” put out their debut release online late last year it looks like. You can check out the band’s six-song release Demon Stratus on the player embedded below. Heptanes a new Springfield duo featuring Scott Faingold (Epsom) and Jason Perry (Seething Coast). The band is an interesting take on poetry written by Joseph Kallinger while in prison. The band’s description from facebook:

Heptanes dare to answer the never-posed musical question: What if notorious murdering psychopath Joseph “The Shoemaker” Kallinger had submitted his awful prison poetry to one of those “We’ll Turn Your Poem Into A Song!” ads that used to run in the back of magazines?

Hetanes do not have any shows lined up as of right now as far as we can see! Be on the lookout for shows in the future.

Hospital Job / The Capitalist Kids Split 7″


Look what it is just in time for the holidays! Local pop punk all star band Hospital Job have released some brand new material in the form of two songs on a split 7″ record with Capitalist Kids from Austin, Texas. The split is being released by Rad Girlfriend Records and you can find it streaming on the player below. Head over to the Rad Girlfriend bandcamp page to download the record for $5 or also order the physical copy.

Hospital Job do not have any local shows lined up right now as far as we know! They will be playing a pretty sweet show in February in St. Louis it looks like with The Lillingtons and more. Hospital Job also released their third full album Never Get Cold last year.

Animals With Human Names: “The First Tape”


Today we are coming at you with some brand new local Springfield hip hop coming from the solo project of Jim Whitehead called “Animals with Human Names.” This is AWHN’s first proper release, called The First Tape. Hopefully we can see this release show up in cassette form over at Dumb Records sometime in the near future. You can stream the twelve-track release on the player below. Also head over to the Animals With Human Names bandcamp page to download the release at your own price.

Animals With Human Names will be performing tomorrow night over at Black Sheep as part of our $1 show. That lineup includes Nagasaki, Terribly Happy, Animals With Human Names, Famous Losers, and Kenyon D.

Starlorde: “Starlorde”


Today we bring you the brand new fresh out of the oven four-song debut demo from Springfield space hardcore band Starlorde. You can find that new self-titled demo streaming below. The tape is out today on local Springfield tape label Ooey Gooey Tapes. Also find this release on the Ooey Gooey bandcamp page where you can download it at your own price. Starlorde features members of Vonne, Panzys, and Livin’ Thing.

Physical cassettes will be available at the show tonight with The Bug, Bad Example, and Livin’ Thing. Also will be available at Dumb Records.

Hospital Job: “Never Get Cold”

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.21.50 AM

Today we are bringing you a stream of a brand new album from Springfield band Hospital Job, as featured on For The Love Of Punk. The new album is called Never Get Cold being released on It’s Alive and Rad Girlfriend Records. You should be able to stream the album below. This is Hospital Job’s third LP after Downer Downer Downer in 2012 and The Believer last year in 2014. The band also recently got back from touring Europe and they are one of three Springfield bands (along with Our Lady and Looming) that will be playing Fest in Gainesville, Florida this upcoming weekend.

No Hospital Job shows are currently lined up in Springfield or at Black Sheep but keep your eyes/ears peeled! The LP and CD for Never Get Cold should be available at Dumb Records sometime next month.