State Journal-Register “Dumb Records Uses Mayor Langfelder’s Likeness In Web Ad”

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Looks like once again Dumb Records has made the news. This time it’s for something a little on the wacky side. In yesterday’s paper (Monday) the paper published an article: “Dumb Records Uses Mayor Langfelder’s Likeness In Web Ad”. The article is a reference to this online video advertisement ran by our store on facebook, created by Evan Mitchell that premiered during his showing of Star Wars fan fictional film “The Lost Sandwhich” which premiered in our store at the start of this month. A newspaper reporter interviewed store owner Brian Galecki, video creator Evan Mitchell, and also the mayor himself. From the article:

“If they feel like I can sell some records, you know how I love music,” Langfelder said. However, that doesn’t mean Langfelder wants to see a barrage of ads using his image to sell products. “I don’t want a bunch of people out there doing that,” Langfelder said. Langfelder has a collection of albums on vinyl. His favorite song is “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Check out the full article online right here. Will there be any sort of follow up with us reaching out to the mayor to team up somehow in the future? We will see. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.


State Journal-Register: “Dumb Fest 6 Kicks Off Friday”


Thank you to all of our beautiful media coverage in this city about Dumb Fest and everything we do. Today featured on the front of the A&E section of The State Journal-Register, local paper, is the headlines “Dumb Fest 6 Kicks Off Friday” and a photo of the band Earth Witch playing at the very first Dumb Fest which occurred at Black Sheep five years ago now. Stephen Spearie wrote the article and interviewed the band Telephone Junkies and festival organizer Brian Galecki. A snippet from the article:

That was the case with the Buffalo, New York-based band Radiation Risks, which plays a gritty, hard-driving brand of rock-infused hardcore punk. It played a Black Sheep show in March, but when Galecki showed them around Southtown, including neighboring Skank Skates, another venue for the festival, they confirmed for Dumb Fest nearly on the spot, he said.

Galecki said he pursued Matrix after a three-and-a-half minute demo tape showed up on the internet.

Find the article inside today’s issue of The State Journal Register or check out the full article online right here. Dumb Fest 6 kicks off tomorrow at 5:00 pm inside Black Sheep and goes on all weekend. Find a facebook event for Dumb Fest 6 right here.

Black Sheep and Dumb Records Runners Up In State Journal-Register’s Readers Choice Awards


What do you know, we did not realize that our businesses here in Southtown were big in the running in the State Journal-Register‘s Readers Choice Awards of 2018 until just now. Voting goes from now until March 6th, so you have just three days to vote for your favorite local businesses, bands, and people in these fun categories.


This time around Black Sheep is in the running for “Best House Band Venue” and Dumb Records is in the category of “Best Music Store”. You can find both of those in the “Entertainment and Recreation” and “Shopping” sections. Find a poll to vote for and nominate your favorite local band and musician in the Entertainment and Recreation section as well.

The State Journal-Register: “All-Ages Music Club Facing A Dark Time”


Wow, it looks like things are really getting serious for The Black Sheep and the times we are in because today we made the front page of local paper The State Journal-Register with an article titled “All Ages Music Club Facing A Dark Time.” The article was written by Steven Spearie, who interviews co-owners Brian Galecki and BJ Pearce as well as NIL8 frontman Jeff Williams about Black Sheep. Pick up the Sunday paper at a gas station near you today for $3 or find the article online right here. From the article:

“We have a history, a culture in Springfield, a community that’s been around and we have stories to tell that can last a lifetime,” contended Pearce. ”(Black Sheep) is going to be around if people choose to attend shows.

“It’s a spot unlike anywhere else in the Midwest.”

We will also be holding a roundtable meeting inside Black Sheep at 7:00 pm tonight to further discuss topics going on in the article, and what’s next for us in these dark times.

Black Sheep Featured in Springfield’s Own Magazine


Today we are excited to announce that we’ve made it to the January/February issue of Springfield’s Own Magazine! Springfield’s Own is a magazine focusing on happenings of Springfield IL and comes out every other month and goes out to subscribers of the SJ-R. This Jan/Feb issue is the entertainment issue and we are happy to be able to share it with some of our close friends in HISO Music, Lincoln’s Legends, The Studio Show, Boondocks, and more. Also check out Pryss and more as featured bands.

Copies of this issue should be available inside Dumb Records for $4.99 starting today. You can also check out the two of three pages on Black Sheep below.


State Journal-Register: “The Studio Show Is A Much-Needed Showcase For Young Local Artists”


In today’s copy of local paper The State Journal-Register, there is a two-page article covering the newest Springfield-based talk show- The Studio Show. We have posted the two newest episodes of The Studio Show to our site- which feature local artists Jeff Williams and Clare Frachey, as well as music from Deep Hollow and Animals With Human Names. A third episode has even been released since then (which you can find embedded below) featuring local artist Jenni Kibbat, and also electronic project The Luzhin Defense who have performed at Black Sheep a number of times before.

From the article:

So far, the young talent on the show consists of people known to the production crew and hosts. As the show gains a larger audience, that will change. They are inviting talent to use the show’s email address ( to make their pitch. And, says Keil, they won’t always stay in the studio (will they call it “The Out-of-Studio Show” then?)

“That’s what we’re excited about,” says Keil, “getting out more and filming in the community. That’s the ideal direction we want to go, to local businesses or an artist’s space where they are creating their art. When there are festivals, we may do a whole show outside and interact with people.”

Check out the full article in today’s copy of the State Journal-Register, or online right here. Also follow The Studio Show youtube channel for clips of shows, and full episodes released every other Wednesday.

State Journal-Register: “Springfield Band Looming Releases New Album”


Some of you may have noticed an article on Looming in today’s A&E section of local paper The State Journal-Register. You can pick up a copy of the paper around town or find the whole article here. The article focuses on the band and also lyrical content of Looming’s new album, Nailbiter. From the article:

Looming started establishing itself as a part of the Springfield alternative and punk scene in the late summer of 2013. But soon after that, the band started to turn the heads of a wider audience.

In January, the band sent a demo to No Sleep Records, an independent label based out of Huntington Beach, California. No Sleep deals mostly with alternative bands with strong, local followings.

Don’t forget that Looming will be playing their big album release show at Black Sheep tomorrow night along with Park, Hidden Hospitals, and Choir Vandals. Today is the last day to pre-order tickets for that show either at Dumb Records or online right here.