June 17 at Black Sheep: Moment 44, Stereo Static, Blind Social


Here’s another show announcement for one that’s taking place at Black Sheep later this month and not too long after Dumb Fest – on Saturday, June 17th we actually have the first Black Sheep show hosted by local promotion company responsible for a lot of downtown festivals Bedrock 66 Live! For this show we have the band Moment 44 (pictured above) coming from Fairfield, Ohio. You can check out some of their music streaming on the player below. They will be joined by a couple of local acts familiar to the Black Sheep stage including the rock group Stereo Static. Then opening things up we have the three piece jam group Blind Social.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a list of other shows coming up at Black Sheep this summer.

June 16th at Black Sheep: Freddie Old Soul, Nefarious Cloud, Dooblavey, Swamp, Kabass


What’s up! Here is some fresh content coming at you tonight in the form of another show announcement, presented by Coosh*t clothing, the hottest local clothing label with the most style. This show features some local hip hop, techno, dubstep, and more. We got “Freddie Old Soul” on the top of the list known as “The Queen of Cooshit” herself. Stream one of Freddie’s hot tracks on the player embedded below. Up before that we have the one and only Nefarious Cloud– the artist behind Cooshit himself. Then the show actually has an out of town hip hop artist – and that is Dooblavey from Chicago bringing some excellence. We have another Cooshit artist “Swamp” on board. Then from the Dubstep/EDM scene in town performing this show is “Kabass” who we also saw at Black Sheep earlier this spring. Looks like the show will also feature some special guests- Nighthawk and Blakk Rose.

This show will be starting at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page where you can find a list of other events coming up in Southtown this summer.

FOOD & MONEY and BACKWARDS DAY Reuniting for one show at Black Sheep July 1st

HOLY SMOKES WE CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING, TWO ABSOLUTE SPRINGFIELD MIRACLES OF LOCAL MUSIC HISTORY COMING TOGETHER FOR ONE NIGHT AT BLACK SHEEP THIS SUMMER! That is RIGHT, on Saturday, July 1st of this year (2017) two Springfield bands that have not performed in decades will be reuniting on the Black Sheep stage. This includes the new wave / early punk band FOOD & MONEY and also the alternative rock band BACKWARDS DAY.

Food & Money were active in Springfield from 1979 to 1988 – just three years but ended up with a catalogue of over 60 songs when they were finished. Some of those songs were recorded but never saw the light of day- and are actually being released for the first time ever on vinyl this summer! Check out a video of Food & Money performing on a St. Louis TV station in 1980 right here. Also stream one of the songs on the upcoming LP Food & Money: 1979-1982 below. The other band reuniting was mainly active around a decade after Food & Money, and that is Backwards Day – featuring Scott Faingold on vocals, currently of Epsom, Illinois Times, etc. Backwards Day was active from 1988-1994. Scott also wrote a book about his experiences in the band and local music called “Kennel Cough,” published in 1999.

In addition to those two bands, we also have current Springfield punk bands Livin’ Thing and Spell Breaker performing at this show. Spell Breaker features Scott Faingold’s son Noah Faingold on guitar.

This show will start at 7:00 pm. Admission is going to be $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. Find a link to advance tickets online right here, and they will also be available soon inside Dumb Records. Find a facebook event for this incredible show right here. Also check our shows page for a look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep this summer.

Sunday, June 4th at Black Sheep: Rick Slick, Leah Doneghue, The MB, Brandon Austin


With summer upon us we may be announcing a few matinee shows happening on some weekend dates at Black Sheep and here’s one of them! This show will be taking place at 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 3rd in about a week and a half. You can expect some Christian rap and R&B or something going on, we aren’t even sure! Also at some point there is supposed to be some big music video shoot going on. Let’s take a look at that lineup:

Brandon Austin
The MB
Young Fantom
Rocky Young
Rick Slick

There you have it, 6 artists performing all starting at 3:00 pm and for $5 admission. Find a facebook event for this show right here. Sorry we do not have links to any of the artists performing. You can also check out our shows page for a look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep this summer right here.

June 2nd at Black Sheep: Wildhoney, Stick People, Gadget, Lorin Devine, Linder


Here’s another show announcement we have for you all and boy we are excited for this great show coming up on Friday, June 2nd in a couple of weeks. This one features touring shoegaze band Wildhoney from Baltimore, Maryland. Stream some of their music on the player below. This show will also feature “Stick People” performing their first show at Black Sheep since their name change from “Stems.” Will they have their recordings being worked on by Southtown Sound done by this show? Who knows! Before that is Decatur-based pop punk band Gadget. And before that we get to see a performance by incredible local artist and musician Lorin Devine. Opening things up is a new and improved full band version of the Bloomington Illinois project Linder.

This show will start right at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at everything coming up at Black Sheep this summer.

May 27th at Black Sheep: Abyss, Abolith, Starlorde, Statues of the Dead


Here we are with the second show announcement today, this one is happening in exactly one week on Saturday, May 27th. Here’s a nice well rounded lineup of local metal and punk for you all. For this show we have the band Abyss performing, their first Black Sheep show since the extremely successful EP release show they had back in March. Then is a performance by newer Taylorville metal project – Abolith. Stream their hit single on the player below. We also have galactic punk space pirate band Starlorde on the bill. Opening things up is a rare performance by the now by the classic Springfield punk band featuring a 6 year old – Statues of the Dead.

Check out a facebook event for this show right here. Admission is $5 and things will start at 7:00 pm. Get a more in depth look at what is coming up this summer at Black Sheep on our shows page.

May 26th at Black Sheep: Prowess, Clearview, Trash Knife, Sore Spore


What’s up! Happy Saturday, some of you might be enjoying Pride Fest, Farmer’s Market, or The Old State Capitol Art Fair all happening downtown today. We don’t have any shows at Black Sheep this weekend, but we are looking at a pretty packed schedule next weekend. This show is happening next Friday, May 26th. It features our very own punk band Prowess, who recently put out a new demo. Plus we’ve got two touring acts including Clearview from New Jersey, whose music you can find streaming below. They will be touring with another punk act called Trash Knife from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Opening things up is the newly named Blue Parks acoustic/solo project “Sore Spore”.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a closer look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep this summer.