The Dixie Narcos: “Neurotic Satanic”


Tomorrow night, The Dixie Narcos (a newer group from Jacksonville, Illinois formed by some members of previous band “Flamingo) will be headlining the Black Sheep 13 Year Anniversary show. The band’s debut full length album, Neurotic Satanic came out close to three months ago now and we’ve been meaning to make a post about it! You can find the 15-track album streaming on the player below. Head over to the band’s bandcamp page where you can support the band and download the album. The album is also available on cassette over at Dumb Records.

The Black Sheep 13 Year Anniversary show kicks off tomorrow at 7:00 pm. Find a facebook event for it right here. There will also be our annual drawing for Black Sheep band lotto at the end of the show.


Starter Jackets: “Decisions”


There is a lot of new Springfield music that has been coming out that we have been trying to keep up with! Here’s a brand new full length album that came out last month  by Springfield pop punk group Starter Jackets. The album is called Decisions and you can find it streaming on the player below. The album was recorded right here in Springfield by Luke McNeil of Capital City Recordings. It is being released on Rad Girlfriend Records based out of Ohio. Head over to the band’s bandcamp page to pay to download the songs.

Starter Jackets will be performing a week from tonight at Bar None downtown along with Bottom Bracket and Evan Mitchell One Man Band. We hear that this might be the physical release show of their album in some form?? You’ll have to stop by the show tonight to find out! (Ages 21+).

We still have a lot of catching up to do, but we are adding this one to the list of Springfield releases for 2018 on our album archive page!

Rockford: “Briarcliff EP”


Okay yes, we are three months late on this one but we are scrambling to get caught up sharing all of this great local Springfield music with you that has been recently coming out!! Earlier this summer Springfield indie/garage rock band Rockford dropped this five-track Briarcliff EP recorded and engineered by Kyle Noonan and Southtown Sound. You can stream those tracks on the player below. Also head over to the band’s bandcamp page where you can download the album at your own price.

Rockford does not have any shows lined up at Black Sheep at the moment, but be on the lookout for some very soon. We are working on still updating our Springfield album archive page to be caught up with 2018 soon, we promise!

Foam Fangers: “Foam Fangers EP”


Have you heard about one of Springfield’s newest rockin’ punk bands, Foam Fangers? Yes, it’s true. The band (pictured above) started towards the beginning of this year and put out a ten-track EP earlier this year which we are here sharing with you today. You maybe have caught their set at Black Sheep Fest earlier this month. Check out that new 10-song EP streaming on the player below. Head over to the band’s bandcamp page where you can download the release for $6.

Does Foam Fangers have any shows lined up right now?!?? It doesn’t look like they do at Black Sheep, but be on the lookout for more Foam Fangers shows in the future.

P.S. we are going to be working to get our Springfield Album Archive project more up-to-date with releases like this one from 2018 here in the coming days.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Golden Age”


Today we bring you a new release that may be a couple of months old, but we are bringing it to you anyway. Here is another album by Springfield sound artist Tomothy Donavan Russell. It is called Golden Age going along with a notion by former Springfield poet Vachel Lindsay – that Springfield is to enter a “Golden Age” at some point around the year that we are in. The Pharmacy Art Gallery hosted an art show last month to go along with this prophecy. From an article in The Illinois Times:

In his 1920 novel, The Golden Book of Springfield, Vachel Lindsay conjured up mystical, utopian images of what his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, might look like in the “golden year” of 2018.
Now that time has caught up with Lindsay’s visionary book, the city and its artists have been paying tribute to Lindsay’s vision, none more elaborately than The Pharmacy Gallery and Art Space, which collaborated with the Vachel Lindsay Association on Friday, June 8, for a multimedia art opening / concert / dance party entitled “The Golden Age.”
You can stream Timothy Donovan Russell’s album on the player below. Also head to his bandcamp page to download the album at your own price.

The Complaint Line: “February”


We have a lot of new Springfield music that has already came out this year so far in 2018 that we need catching up on!!! Today we are sharing with you a new three songs from Springfield’s own alternative rock band The Complaint Line. This collection of three songs is just called February as it was released in… February.

We felt the need to share these new songs with you today because The Complaint Line just so happens to be playing tonight at Bar None with Radar and Attic Salt! That show is ages 21 and up, admission is $5 and start time is 8:00 pm.

We’ll be working to get our Springfield Album Archive updated with everything that has came out so far this year very soon!

Epsom: “Redundancy EP”


We are way late on this (catching up on a lot of Springfield music that has been released so far this year)!! But Springfield alternative rock group Epsom has released a brand new 4-track EP earlier this year. The EP is called Redundancy and can be streamed on the player below. You can also head on over to the Epsom bandcamp page to download this release at your own price.

Epsom does not have any local shows lined up that we know of currently. They are performing in Indianapolis before this month is done. Scott Faingold of the band is one of those involved in the creation of the new Activator Magaizine debuting with a first issue at the start of June.