Stick People: “Lips”


Today we bring you a stream of Stick People‘s five-song release Lips, recorded right here in our neighborhood at Southtown Sound. Check out those tracks streaming below. Also head over to the Stick People bandcamp page to download the songs. Physical copies of this will be available at Dumb Records very soon! Also if you have not yet seen the music video to the second track “Lips” – be sure to go check it out right here.

Stick People do not have any shows currently lined up at Black Sheep! How about that!


The Station: “Head On Tomorrow”


Today we bring you new Springfield music from a local band that has not performed inside Black Sheep but they are still local and making original music! This is Springfield funk / rock / jam band The Station – who just released a full length album called Head On Tomorrow. You can check that out in its entirety streaming below. Head over to the band’s bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the full album as well.

We have been trying to keep tracking all of the Springfield albums, EPs and demos released this year on our album archive page. It is tough to keep up!

Eric Marvel: “What A Disappointment” EP


Today we bring you some more new Springfield music yet again, this time from solo electronic pop project Eric Marvel. Last week Eric released a new 7-song EP called What A Disappointment. Is this release truly a disappointment? Or is it a blessing? How about you have a listen on the player below so you can decide? Head over to Eric Marvel’s bandcamp page where you can pay to download the EP or check out more of Eric’s music.

Eric Marvel will be performing on Saturday, September 23rd at The Pharmacy along with boon, Jeff Williams, and Timothy Donavan Russell.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Windows”


Hi what’s up, we do have that hot new Springfield music coming at you fresh tonight. Here’s a new release from the music-making ambient machine Timothy Donavan Russell. This release is called Windows which features ten tracks of “the history of Windows system sounds all on one album.” Take a listen on the player below if you don’t believe that description. Also head over to Timothy’s bandcamp page right here where you can download the album and also listen to his other many, many albums. Timothy will be performing live next at The Pharmacy here in town on September 23rd.

So much music coming out of Springfield this year we are having a hard time keeping up! We are trying to keep track on our Springfield album archive, go check that out!

Forest Saints: “Summer”


Although Summer may be at its end for this year, today we bring you a brand new release from Springfield recording project Forest Saints called Summer. The album is a whole 17 tracks and you can find it streaming below. From the Forest Saints bandcamp:

You are invited on an epic journey through the lush, exotic, tribal, playful, and psychedelic world of Summer. This double disc set (featuring 17 tracks) comes in a clear jewel case, and features the artwork of Anna Salzmann & Mark Schwartz.

Head over to the Forest Saints bandcamp page to download the album, also check out the wide collection of albums previously released by Forest Saints.


Timothy Donavan Russell: “Structures”


Today we are bringing you the latest installment from ambitious Springfield solo ambient project – Timothy Donavan Russell. Timothy is already on his third or forth release of this year – the newest being this release entitled StructuresStructures is eighteen tracks that went along with an art show that took place last month at The Pharmacy Gallery. Stream the entire release below, or head over to the Timothy Donavan Russell bandcamp page where you can purchase the digital download.

The Pharmacy Gallery near downtown on 5th street is also hosting another event called “Structures” on Saturday, August 12th. The event will feature art as well as live music by End Times Trio, Devin Larson, and Ted Keylon.

Night Night Boy: “Demo”



We may be a little late on telling you about this one, and some might not technically count it as Springfield music since it was written and recorded outside of our city – but that photo on the demo’s cover sure was taken in Springfield so we are counting it worthy of putting it up on our site. Brandon Carnes (Looming, Diaper Rash, Big Storm, etc.) came out with a new project within the past month or so called “Night Night Boy” and released a new 5 song demo on bandcamp. Brandon has gotten a full band together for the project and they have already performed one show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where Brandon currently lives. You can stream that 5-song Night Night Boy demo on the player below. Also head over to the Night Night Boy bandcamp page to download the release at your own price.

Night Night Boy may or may not be playing Black Sheep Fest here on Saturday, August 5th.