Timothy Donavan Russell: “Structures”


Today we are bringing you the latest installment from ambitious Springfield solo ambient project – Timothy Donavan Russell. Timothy is already on his third or forth release of this year – the newest being this release entitled StructuresStructures is eighteen tracks that went along with an art show that took place last month at The Pharmacy Gallery. Stream the entire release below, or head over to the Timothy Donavan Russell bandcamp page where you can purchase the digital download.

The Pharmacy Gallery near downtown on 5th street is also hosting another event called “Structures” on Saturday, August 12th. The event will feature art as well as live music by End Times Trio, Devin Larson, and Ted Keylon.

Night Night Boy: “Demo”



We may be a little late on telling you about this one, and some might not technically count it as Springfield music since it was written and recorded outside of our city – but that photo on the demo’s cover sure was taken in Springfield so we are counting it worthy of putting it up on our site. Brandon Carnes (Looming, Diaper Rash, Big Storm, etc.) came out with a new project within the past month or so called “Night Night Boy” and released a new 5 song demo on bandcamp. Brandon has gotten a full band together for the project and they have already performed one show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where Brandon currently lives. You can stream that 5-song Night Night Boy demo on the player below. Also head over to the Night Night Boy bandcamp page to download the release at your own price.

Night Night Boy may or may not be playing Black Sheep Fest here on Saturday, August 5th.


The Plunge: Demo


Hello, here is something that we don’t really want to put up on our site, but it exists and it is kind of relating to Springfield music so here it goes! BJ Pearce of Bottom Bracket fame put together some sort of Diaper Rash-esque project here called “The Plunge.” We are not really sure what… why… but here it is. Something about him recording toilets flushing with microphones in a bathroom with vocal pedals. Stream this some type of demo or EP or something or other on the player below (we think it’s 7 songs)? Head over to The Plunge bandcamp page to download this piece at your own risk.

The Plunge will certainly not be playing any shows at Black Sheep any time in the near future. We are listing this as a release this year on our ultimate Springfield album archive though.

Mikey Hash: Ugly EP

C_0Sh7zUMAAMMDR.jpgToday we bring you new music coming from Springfield/California hip hop artist Mikey Hash. Just recently Mikey came out with Ugly EP – a new five song release which you can find streaming on the player below. The release was also recently featured on Senclaire.com. Mikey doesn’t currently have any shows lined up at Black Sheep.

Check out our Springfield Album Archive for a look at all of the local releases that have come out this year so far.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “The Dark Path” + “Biosphere”


Springfield solo ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell sure is hard at work this year, already putting out two full albums of material and probably has even more coming. Today we are bringing you those two releases, both can be found streaming on the player below. The first is called Biosphere and was composed to be played in the background at the Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space‘s “Bio-Region” group exhibition, which took place March 24th and 25th, 2017. In the release you can hear some sounds common to Springfield and Central Illinois such as the Washington Park Carillon and some other sounds of nature. The second album, The Dark Path (pictured above) came out more recently about a month ago and features a whole 20 tracks on keyboard/synthesizers. Stream both of those below, or also head over to Timothy Donavan Russell’s bandcamp page where you can pay to download all of his releases. On the page Timothy also has a short release put together this year for the “100 Days” art exhibition out at UIS called Grab ‘Em.

Boon: “1st Street”


Earlier today we delivered a brand new band page on our site, and here is some brand new Springfield music from the band boon! Boon hasn’t been too active playing shows in recent months, but they have been hard at work with some new material which has been released recently. The band has released 1st Street – their third release and first since putting out the Southtown EP three years ago in 2014. Stream that new boon on the player below. There are also a few remaining CDs of this available for free inside Dumb Records, and you can head over to the band’s bandcamp page to download the tracks for free.

Boon does not have any live shows lined up as far as we know.

Good Times & Company: “A Louder EP”


Springfield rock and roll group “Good Times & Company” have recently dropped a brand new 3-track EP that they have been giving out for free online called A Louder EP. Free downloads of the EP are available on the band’s website by following this link. Nice. You can also stream one of the songs off of the new EP on the youtube player below.

Good Times & Company released a six-track album/EP called Different Things last year. They have no live shows lined up on their site right now, but follow them on facebook to stay in the loop on any upcoming Good Times & Co shows!