Epsom: “Redundancy EP”


We are way late on this (catching up on a lot of Springfield music that has been released so far this year)!! But Springfield alternative rock group Epsom has released a brand new 4-track EP earlier this year. The EP is called Redundancy and can be streamed on the player below. You can also head on over to the Epsom bandcamp page to download this release at your own price.

Epsom does not have any local shows lined up that we know of currently. They are performing in Indianapolis before this month is done. Scott Faingold of the band is one of those involved in the creation of the new Activator Magaizine debuting with a first issue at the start of June.


Imaginary Colours: “Dream WAV.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 8.11.10 AM.png

New Springfield synth / electronic solo project Imaginary Colours has released a second collection of songs under the title Dream WAV. The project is the newest of Michael LaFrance, formerly of The Suction Cups and Ragna Rye. Check out the newest three-song Imaginary Colours EP on the player below. Also head over to the Imaginary Colours bandcamp page where you can purchase to download the EP.

Imaginary Colours performed for the first time live at Record Store Day at Dumb Records. There are no live performances lined up right now that we know of.

Thought’s Castle: “Everyone’s Graveyard”


Today we are bringing you a stream of a brand new Springfield project we don’t know too much about called “Thought’s Castle.” The project released four songs under the title Everyone’s Graveyard on their bandcamp last month. You can stream those songs below or head over to Thought’s Castle’s bandcamp to download the tracks at your own price. Thought’s Castle features at least one member of War Magic. We aren’t sure if there will be any live performances. A 27 minute long track by Thought’s Castle was also released at the very end of last year.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “The Sound of Cosmology”



Good evening, it’s midnight on Tuesday night so we figured we’d share with you this new release by local solo ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell that will take us all into outer space. This is Timothy’s nineteenth release listed on his bandcamp (there are probably countless others through his musical career). This one is thirteen tracks under the title The Sound of Cosmology. According to the description on Timothy’s bandcamp this is “samples of spoken words of scientists set to music. Featuring: Brian Cox, Fay Dowker, Brain Greene, Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss, Hiranya Peiris, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson.” You can stream The Sound of Cosmology on the player embedded below.

This release goes along with an upcoming art show at The Pharmacy Gallery at 711 South 5th Street here in town. The art show is called “Cosmos” and features the works of Timothy and other artists and goes the weekend of March 9th and 10th. More info on that can be found right here.

Sam West & The Nightshift: “The Medicine That Swallowed The Patient”


Catching up more on original Springfield music that has been released in the past few months that we have not yet gotten the chance to tell you about – Springfield rock group Sam West & The Nightshift have released their debut EP at the end of last year called The Medicine That Swallowed The Patient. The release is five songs, all of which are streaming on the player embedded below.

Sam West & The Nightshift played a few shows going along with the release of the EP at Bar None earlier this winter. The band does not have any other local shows lined up currently.

Animals With Human Names: “The Basement Tape”


Around the end of the year last year we got pretty behind on all of the new releases coming on in Springfield music. (Sorry!) We want to make sure we try to catch back up now, first making sure you all know that Springfield hip hop artist Animals With Human Names dropped a brand new album at the very end of last year called The Basement Tape. You can stream all ten tracks of The Basement Tape on the player below. You can also pick up a copy on cassette over at Dumb Records. Head over to the Animals With Human Names bandcamp page to download the album at your own price.

Animals With Human Names does not have any *official* shows lined up as of just yet, but you can be sure to be on the lookout for something this March at Black Sheep.



This release is a little bit over a month old now, and not exactly from a Springfield band, but we figured it was very much worth noting because it’s another great release recorded in Southtown Sound right behind Dumb Records and Black Sheep. Galesburg heavy sci-fi pop-grunge band TOOMS (featuring members of Rat Storm, Occultonomy, etc) have released their brand new 8-track demo recorded up in the studio. You can check that out streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Tooms bandcamp page to download the songs at your own price.