Animals With Human Names: “The Basement Tape”


Around the end of the year last year we got pretty behind on all of the new releases coming on in Springfield music. (Sorry!) We want to make sure we try to catch back up now, first making sure you all know that Springfield hip hop artist Animals With Human Names dropped a brand new album at the very end of last year called The Basement Tape. You can stream all ten tracks of The Basement Tape on the player below. You can also pick up a copy on cassette over at Dumb Records. Head over to the Animals With Human Names bandcamp page to download the album at your own price.

Animals With Human Names does not have any *official* shows lined up as of just yet, but you can be sure to be on the lookout for something this March at Black Sheep.




This release is a little bit over a month old now, and not exactly from a Springfield band, but we figured it was very much worth noting because it’s another great release recorded in Southtown Sound right behind Dumb Records and Black Sheep. Galesburg heavy sci-fi pop-grunge band TOOMS (featuring members of Rat Storm, Occultonomy, etc) have released their brand new 8-track demo recorded up in the studio. You can check that out streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Tooms bandcamp page to download the songs at your own price.

Starter Jackets: “Preferred Stock”


Here’s another release from a local pop punk band – Starter Jackets – which came out last month. It’s a debut 7″ from the band called Preferred Stock, and is out on It’s Alive Records. Starter Jackets features members of Hospital Job, Attic Salt, and numerous other Springfield groups. You can stream that four song release on the player embedded below. Also head over to the It’s Alive bandcamp to pay to download the release.

Starter Jackets do not have any shows lined up in Springfield as of right now as far as we can tell.

Attic Salt: “Attic Salt”


It’s been about a month and we are behind on telling you about new Springfield music – but did you know that Springfield’s own Attic Salt have released their debut self-titled album? You can stream all ten tracks of it on the player below. The album is released by Dodgeball Records based out of Chicago. You can also pay to download the album on the band’s bandcamp page.

Attic Salt will be playing the holiday show at Bar None on Saturday, December 23rd along with Boon and NIL8.

Kate Laine: Recurring Dream


Tonight we bring you a stream of the brand new Kate Laine CD called Recurring Dream. How nice! This is seven tracks recently recorded at Southtown Sound right behind Black Sheep and Dumb Records. It is available on CD now at Dumb Records as well, in the shop’s local section. Stream the release on the player below. You can also purchase the mp3 versions of the songs on Kate’s bandcamp page.

Kate will next be performing at Black Sheep in ten days for the show on November 22nd, which we announced on our site earlier today.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Slower Than Your Heartbeat”


It’s great to once again have some Halloween music and sounds coming from local musicians once again for this season! Some of you may remember The Suction Cups releasing their Lost Tapes around this time last year. This year we are gifted with yet another release from solo ambient musician, Timothy Donovan Russell in time for the holidays. This is Slower Than Your Heartbeat – 12 tracks of horror music and special sound effects. Go ahead and blast that music for all of your neighbors to hear! Stream the release below. From the bandcamp page:

Horror music composed and recorded in dim red light. It’s alive but has no shadow. Beyond there are empty cages and pools of clear water in a cave where bats are waking, flying through walls, and crushing the ghosts flat against the spider world. At the dead end you wait for the demon.

This is one of nine releases that Timothy has put out this year alone. We are trying to keep track of Timothy’s releases and everything else to come out this year in our fine city on our local music archive page. We will be hosting another year-end poll this year as well!

November 19th at Black Sheep: Livin’ Thing Record Release Show, Substance, Undone, Spell Breaker


Whoops, we are sorry that we have missed a few days bringing you some fresh content on our website! Tonight we are hitting it hard with a special announcement with another record release show from a local group – this time it’s hardcore rock n’ roll outfit Livin’ Thing. Livin’ Thing will be releasing a 7″ record for this show on Sunday, November 19th at Black Sheep. We are truly excited for this band and their journey. More info on the 7″ will be coming later this week. Also on the bill for this one and on tour is the Houston, Texas punk band Substance. They performed inside Dumb Records this past Dumb Fest in June. Check out some of Substance’s music streaming on the player below. We have a couple of great local openers on this one too including the fast punk band Undone. Opening things up is Spell Breaker.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything coming up these next few months at Black Sheep.