Good Times & Company: “A Louder EP”


Springfield rock and roll group “Good Times & Company” have recently dropped a brand new 3-track EP that they have been giving out for free online called A Louder EP. Free downloads of the EP are available on the band’s website by following this link. Nice. You can also stream one of the songs off of the new EP on the youtube player below.

Good Times & Company released a six-track album/EP called Different Things last year. They have no live shows lined up on their site right now, but follow them on facebook to stay in the loop on any upcoming Good Times & Co shows!

Manic Buzzcut: “Bathroom Horrors”


Today we are coming at ya with some more brand new Springfield music. This one is of a new project called “Manic Buzzcut” put together by Kiki Walker formerly of Moondead and Bad Banshee. The project’s first release is called Bathroom Horrors and is five tracks which you can stream all below. You can also head over to the Manic Buzzcut bandcamp page to download the tracks at your own price.

Manic Buzzcut will be playing a first show here at Black Sheep on Tuesday, May 9th. We will be getting into officially announcing that show shortly. Also to keep up with all of the Springfield releases and demos that have came out this year so far, check our Springfield album archive page.

Abyss: Dreadnought EP


Today we are bringing you a stream of some hot new Springfield metal music coming from local band Abyss. This is the band’s brand new EP- Dreadnought which includes five tracks and was released at their recent Black Sheep show here earlier this month. You can stream the EP on the player below. Also head over to the band’s bandcamp page where you can download the album at your own price.

Abyss currently do not have any other shows lined up at Black Sheep. You can check out a nice written review on their March 11th release show right here.

Pryss: “Sisyphus”


Today we bring you the second release from Springfield hardcore band Pryss, who are just now returning from a week long tour around “Everything Is Not Okay” Festival in Oklahoma City. Their newest release is a five-track cassette entitled Sisyphus which you can find streaming below. Cassettes are being released by Ooey Gooey Tapes and will be available inside Dumb Records soon. Check out the release streaming below. Also head over to the Ooey Gooey bandcamp page to purchase the release for $666.00.

Pryss do not have any shows currently lined up at Black Sheep, but stay tuned for more Pryss shows in the future.



Opposite Good: “1”


Today we bring you a stream of another one of the first releases to come out of Springfield in 2017. This is the debut of a project called “Opposite Good” which is an ambient solo project of Vincent Sgro. You can find the three-track release called streaming on the player below. Also head over to Opposite Good’s bandcamp page to download the tracks at your own price.

Vincent performed at our open mic inside Dumb Records last night and currently does not have any more shows lined up at Black Sheep as far as we know. Stay tuned for more Opposite Good shows. Stay up to date on all of the Springfield music that has come out this year and previous years at our big album archive page.

Backwards Day: Lost Sessions 1995


Today we bring you some lost Springfield recordings from the 1990’s recently brought to light from the band Backwards Day. These are the band’s Lost Sessions from 1995, which would have been the last recording session the band took part in before breaking up. This session was engineered and mixed by Lance Reynolds formerly of NIL8, who also recorded a few bands in the early 1990’s above Skank Skates as the name Southtown Studios (which we did not know until after Brandon Carnes started the more current Southtown Studio). Backwards Day featured Scott Faingold (vocals) and Timothy Harte (drums) both who currently play in the band Epsom. Check out those recordings below.

Also our big Springfield Album Master Archive has been under progress throughout much of the first part of this year. We are not working on a page set up for the archive on this site, which you can find right here. There are currently 288 titles listed.


Mikey Hash: Chicago Winters EP

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 11.45.41 AM.png

Today we are coming at ‘ya with some brand new Springfield hip hop. This is a 5-track EP coming from local hip hop artist Mikey Hash called Chicago Winters EP. You can stream the EP on the player below or head over to Mikey’s soundcloud where you can download all of the songs individually.

Mikey last played at Black Sheep last month as part of our Resilience event. There are no current shows in the works, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for more shows from Mikey and hip hop shows happening at Black Sheep in the future! Also check out the 217 hip hop website for more of the latest hip hop and rap coming out of the Capital City.