Tonight at Cafe Andiamo: “Black Sheep Presents…” Bottom Bracket, Jason Paul, Tom Irwin, The Little Death


Well us trying karaoke night last night at Dumb Records was… interesting. Now it’s time to try our second different type of show this weekend and that is going to be one that we are setting up tonight at Cafe Andiamo downtown (204 S 6th Street). Come check out this all ages show happening at Andiamo tonight starting at 7:00 pm. Bands will be downstairs and coffee will be served upstairs. Tonight for the lineup we have Springfield emo project Bottom Bracket headlining the bill. We also have Jason Paul & The Know It Alls touring project on the bill from Los Angeles, California. Check out some of their music on the player below. Before them is Springfield music legend Tom Irwin playing a solo set, who also has a new album coming out soon called All That Love. Opening things up is a newer Springfield band called “The Little Death.”

All of this starts at Cafe Andiamo at 7:00 pm tonight. We will just be taking donations for the touring act. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at all of the normal Black Sheep shows coming up this spring.

Acoustic Show Tonight at Café Andiamo Downtown


There aren’t any shows happening tonight at Black Sheep or Dumb Records. But!- for those of you looking for something to do there is a pretty neat acoustic show happening downtown at the lower level of Café Andiamo on 204 S. 6th Street that might be worth checking out. It’s also free! That show will be starting at 7:00 pm, and of course is all ages. There are seven whole acts lined up:

David Stover
Jill Pulver
Ryan Pulver
Joel Elliott
Kris Lang
Brian Steinhauer
Sarah Schneider

Nice! We don’t think there is a facebook event for this one, but for more Springfield shows outside of Black Sheep you can check out our Springfield shows page (we are still working on it)!

SAME FEST Happening at Lincoln Library January 28th


We’ve never posted about any events happening at The Lincoln Library downtown on our site before. With new renovations taking effect this year and a new communications coordinator – Elizabeth Buctha working hard to reach out to Springfield communities, new things are in store for our downtown library in Springfield. Be sure to check out our episode of The Black Sheep Radio Show with Elizabeth as our guest to hear more on big plans for the Library.

The Library recently announced plans for “SAME FEST” happening one week from today on Saturday, January 28th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. They are fitting a lot of activities, conversations, workshops, and more into that two hour block. SAME FEST stands for “Springfield Area’s Many Ethnicities” as the festival will focus on different ethnicities and cultures that call Springfield home. You can check out a more proper breakdown of everything going on on that flier above, or on the facebook event for the fest right here. Also check out our Springfield Shows page for more events like this one happening in Springfield outside of Black Sheep (we are updating the page this weekend!!!).

New Years Eve Shows Downtown and at Skank Skates Tonight


It’s the last day of the year! And it’s also a Saturday night so there is a whole lot going on around town tonight. Tonight is the Springfield Area Art Council‘s 30th annual First Night event, and the first that they are reaching out to us at The Black Sheep about doing a collaborative show. Tonight the Art Council is letting us put on a show downtown at 341 E Monroe aka “The Black Sheep Stage” at what is normally the Kari Bedford Studio. Tonight performing instead of SAP it’s going to be continuing band lotto band “Lincoln’s Tomb” playing. We also have the Taylorville band Stems performing. Up before that is Mark Lee Reynolds or “MLR”. Opening things up is the solo performer Kate Ridge. That show starts at 7:00 pm, and we will be taking a break at 8:00 to see fireworks downtown. Admission is $5 for those under the age of 18, and $10 if you are 18 and up if you are just checking out the Black Sheep Stage.

After that show is done we are going to grab our PA and run over to the ramp of Skank Skates for a second show of the night! This show is starting roughly at 10:00 pm over on the ramp, or whenever we are ready after the show downtown is over and the PA is transferred over to the ramp. For this one we have intergalactic takeover band, Starlorde. We also have the mean and nasty Decatur hardcore band, Capitol Offense. The touring act on this bill is “War Prayer” from Minneapolis. Opening things up is the angry band GRINN. For this one we are asking $5 donations for the touring band. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what’s coming up for us in 2017.

Black Sheep Presents New Years Eve Show Downtown


We can’t believe it, have we really not yet announced our big plans for New Years Eve? Yeesh! For 2017 we promise to be a little more on top of things here at We have some big news for New Years Eve this year- there are no shows happening at Black Sheep, BUT we are teaming up this year with the downtown First Night Event to bring you a very special all ages show taking place downtown! The show is happening in a space located at 314 E Monroe St which is usually Kari Bedford Photography. This is part of the Springfield Art Council‘s Big “First Night” event, and you can find more information on that right here. Let’s take a look at who’s playing our show! We have SAP – and little rumor has it that instead of SAP it’s going to be continuing band lotto band “Lincoln’s Tomb” playing. We also have the Taylorville band Stems performing. Up before that is Mark Lee Reynolds or “MLR”. You can find some of Mark’s new music streaming on the player below. Opening things up is the solo performer Kate Ridge.

That show will start downtown right at 7:00 pm. We will be taking a break at 8:00 to enjoy the fireworks happening downtown, how nice! Admission this one is $5 for ages 17 and under and $10 for ages 18 and up (sorry). Check out a facebook event for this one right here. More information on an aftershow happening at Skank Skates coming later today!

Tonight in Downtown Springfield: Christmas Parade with Dumb Records Elephant ((Hopefully)) :-O


No shows happening at Black Sheep tonight, but there is the Springfield Jaycees Christmas Parade happening downtown tonight starting right at 7:30 pm. Dumb Records is supposed to be taking our new big green elephant in the parade with our hero Nighthawk playing the guitar inside the float. We may or may not be looking for a backup van or truck to pull our beloved elephant right now. Do you know of any good leads on this? Will we be able to get it together in time for the parade tonight? Who knows!

If for whatever reason we don’t pull off being able to take the elephant, we will be hanging out at Cafe Andiamo downtown watching the parade and drinking hot chocolate. They will be open for the parade from 5:00 to 10:00 pm. Either way, see you downtown tonight!

Dumb Records Elephant Confirmed For Springfield Downtown Christmas Parade 2016


It’s hard to believe it, but the holidays are right around the corner and we do have a few things cooking up at Black Sheep / Dumb Records headquarters. Of course we will be hosting a holiday show at Black Sheep this year- to be announced soon. Tonight we are announcing that Dumb Records has been confirmed for the 2016 Springfield Jaycee’s Christmas Parade downtown. Yes, this does mean that we are taking the giant green elephant.

Fingers crossed that everything is going to go as planned for this- right now the plan is for the giant Dumb Records green elephant to be pulled by the Miles T Shirts van. Of course we also plan on covering the elephant in Christmas lights and will also have Nighthawk inside the elephant playing the electric guitar. Check out Nighthawk’s hit single from a couple of Christmas’s ago “Lesbian Dragon” streaming below.

The Christmas parade is held downtown on Saturday, November 26th (less than two weeks) from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Check out a facebook event for that right here.