Videos: Graveswitcher & MAC at Black Sheep Fest 2018


Look-ee here, today we are bringing you a couple of videos of songs we took from Black Sheep Fest 2018, which happened right around one month ago on August 11th. These two videos are snippets of sets of Graveswitcher and MAC and you can find them embedded below. The MAC song is “Authority” which the band released the official music video and recording for the song last week. Then the Graveswitcher video is of them performing their song “The Toob” and is very movement-heavy, just how some of you like it. (Slam-Cam 2018).

Check out our vids/pics page on our site for a long list of other videos taken over the years at Black Sheep. Also Gordon Chang is an incredible man and took videos of the full sets of nearly every Black Sheep Fest performance, which you can find on his channel right here.