April 29th at Black Sheep: Tang, Letters from The Schumann Resonance, End Times Trio, Timothy Russell, P.I.N.T.


We have a whopper of an ambient, noise, and free jazz show going on here at Black Sheep on Saturday, April 29th before this month is done. You’ll have the chance to catch five acts all doing interesting things based out of Springfield. This includes the wild and noisy avant guard act T.A.N.G. who we have not seen performing at Black Sheep in a minute. Also a few ambient acts, including a project with the long name of “Letters from the Schumann Resonance.” Timothy Donavan Russell will be bringing the ambience to The Black Sheep stage as well- Timothy actually just came out with a new album called “Biosphere” that you can check out right here. We’ll have a separate post for that shortly. It’s also been a minute, but End Times Trio will be performing at that one. End Times Trio is the free jazz project featuring professor Richard Gilman-Opalsky who gave a talk and book release at Black Sheep at the start of this year. Looks like things for this one will be opening up with Pretend I’m Not There who’s music you can stream on the player below.

This show will start early at 6:00 pm since there is so much packed in to one night and admission is $5. Check out an event page right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to take a closer look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep this spring and summer.


Southtown Sound Releases Looming Sessions

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 6.24.28 PM.png

The new Southtown recording studio, Southtown Sound, have just today released the full video and audio session they recorded of Looming when they were in town earlier this year. You can check out the video of one of those songs and new one off of an upcoming Looming album below. The song is called “Seed.” Credits for the video and audio go to:

Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering – Kyle Noonan
Assistant Engineer – Mario Cannamela
Directed & Edited by Veronica Mullen
Additional Camera work – Josh Grube & Everchange Productions

Check out the other video recorded for the song “Tried and True” right here. This session was one of the first recorded in Southtown Studio. Since then the Studio has been working on new recordings for Taylorville-based band Stems, as well as a couple others. We’ll let you know when more recordings or video is unveiled from the new studio. To look into booking sessions for your own band, check out the Southtown Sound page on our site.

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