Dumb Fe5t Band Announcement #3


Oops, would you believe it Dumb Fest 5 is only two months away, so we better get a move on announcing the rest of the bands! Today we are comin’ at ya with another round of 10 more bands announced for the fest happening right here in Springfield on June 9th, 10th, and 11th. This leaves us at 30 bands announced out of a total lineup of 50 when all is said and done. Let’s have a look:

86 GEMINI (Chicago)
DRUJ (Oklahoma City, OK)
P.E.A.R.L. (Moreno Valley, CA)
BAD EXAMPLE (Birmingham, AL)
JEAN JAM (Chicago)
LIVIN’ THING (Springfield)
NARB (McAllen, TX)
STYE (Bloomington, IL)

You can find links to all of those bands music by clicking each name. Stream the newest 7″ from 86 Gemini on the player right below. You can head over to our Dumb Fe5t page for a look at all of the bands announced so far and a closer look at which band is playing which day. Also find a facebook event for Dumb Fe5t right here.