Tonight in Macomb: Pryss, Gush, Livin’ Thing “On Ice”


skating-rink-1940s2 copy.jpg

There is something very special lined up happening tonight in Macomb, Illinois of all the special places. A few Springfield bands will be taking over the city in their new bus and performing a very special show “on ice” for one night only. That’s right, those bands are Gush, Livin’ Thing, and Pryss, and they can’t wait to show off their moves out there on the skating rink tonight.

The bands tonight are going to really show us they’ve got what it truly takes out on the rink tonight. I can’t wait for them to get out there and show us their stuff. Ready for some outstanding performances and will possibly be looking to recruit for the men’s roller derby team.

-Greg Harvey, captain of Capital City Hooligans Roller Derby

You can stream the Livin’ Thing song “Beautiful Dancer” on the player below. The show is located at “The Outskirts” in Macomb at 201 Shady Lane. Bring $5 to skate and $2-3 donation for the show. Bands will start at 9:30 pm and of course this is all ages. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. And if you are in town tonight and are ages 21 or up, you might want to check out the show happening tonight at Bar None with NIL8 and The Timmys.


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