Diaper Rash Unveiled As The Thomas Nicholas Band

diaperrashphoto4 copy.jpg

Today we have a very surprising twist. You won’t BELIEVE this one! Our team of Black Sheep archeologists are hard at it again, this time they have been working months and months to unveil the true identity of the masked band Diaper Rash. After a solid year and a half of playing shows, most of us thought we had the lineup of Diaper Rash behind the masks figured out. We were mostly sure that the front person aka “Big Baby” was just Brandon Carnes of South Town Studio.

With some careful analysis of the original Diaper Rash band photo, and also a certain music video shot in South Town in late 2014, our team has concluded that the band Diaper Rash is actually The Thomas Nicholas Band in disguise. If you don’t believe us, just look at the original Diaper Rash photo and then watch this music video to see if the masked figures lined up. It turns out Big Baby is actually famous actor and musician, Thomas Ian Nicholas, who also starred in films Rookie of The Year and American Pie. Here is what the true Big Baby has to say:

That’s just the way it goes. You don’t have to like it.

-Thomas Nicholas

Now that Diaper Rash has been exposed they will be playing one final show up in South Town Studio tomorrow. More info on that show can be found right here.


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