The Illinois Times: “Thinking Outside The Frame”


We are a little late to the game on this one, but find it worth noting an article that appeared in weekly publication The Illinois Times a little over one week ago called “Thinking Outside The Frame.” Much like the IT article “Making A Scene” that came out late last year, a group panel of key players in the Springfield art scene was formed by Scott Faingold of the IT (and also local band Epsom). Those of you who remember “Making A Scene” was a discussion on local music and featured Brian Galecki representing Dumb Fest and The Black Sheep. For the arts panel, Clare Frachey was selected to represent both The Black Sheep and Cafe Brio. You can find the whole article online right here. The panel this time around also included Jeff Williams (pictured above) of The Pharmacy and also the local band NIL8, as well as a few others. From the article:

Clare Frachey: At the First Friday art shows we transform Café Brio into a half-restaurant, half-art exhibit and we have different artists each month. Some of these people haven’t ever shown their work in public. These shows are a good way for people to be involved. I’ve never turned anyone away – which can be good and bad. But the point is not just the aesthetics, it’s the act of seeing.

Dollar: It’s the opportunity.

Scaife: And it’s the kind of opportunity emerging artists and local artists are always looking for.

Frachey: It’s a lot more low-key than a formal gallery so that the intimidation factor is not as prevalent – it’s just come in, come out, maybe get a drink.


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