Livin’ Thing: “It’s A… Livin’ Thing”

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.24.28 AM.png

This Sunday afternoon we are bringing you the hot new five-track demo for Springfield’s newest punk sensation- Livin’ Thing. Livin’ Thing features members of King Worm, Soap Scum, GUSH, Asthma, Garter, and just about any other Springfield punk band you can think of. Today they are dropping their new five-track demo being called It’s A Livin’ Thing. You can stream that on the player below, or head over to bandcamp to download at your own price. The physical cassette is being released by Rat King Records and can be pre-ordered on the Rat King site right  here.

Livin’ Thing will next be playing at Black Sheep tomorrow night along with Rik & The Pigs, SAP, and DJ Tariq. They also have a show lined up at Black Sheep for March 19th along with The Bug, Pryss, and Moondead.


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