DUMB FEST 4: June 10th, 11th, & 12th at Black Sheep, Dumb Records, Skank Skates, and Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s


Wow, looks like some big news is dropping in here on our site today! Today we are confirming that Dumb Fest 4 (or Dumb Fest 4-Ever) IS HAPPENING and we have the official dates and venue. The festival will be happening this year on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 10th, 11th, and 12th. It will be help at usual locations Black Sheep, Dumb Records, and Skank States- as well as an additional location at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s!! That’s right, it looks like we are adding a third day to this year which will be a show at the classic Hardee’s outdoor stage.

That’s all of the Dumb Fest 4 info we have for now! You can expect bands to be announced throughout the month of March. For any bands interested in playing, unfortunately the lineup is already mapped out with no room to spare. If you are interested in playing Black Sheep on different dates, our booking email is still blacksheepcafe.217@gmail.com. Ticket info and all of that jazz will come later with band announcements. Be sure to check out our Dumb Fest page to keep up with Dumb Fest stuff, or the Dumb Fest facebook page.


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