Clare Frachey, Stephen Houldsworth Featured on WUIS


A couple of notable figures in the Springfield/St. Louis music scenes very much relating to Black Sheep were recently featured on the radio in interviews put together by Rachel Otwell and WUIS. Those were Stephen Houldsworth and Clare Frachey (pictured above). The two were featured on WUIS for separate interviews.

Rachel talked to Stephen Houldsworth during his presentation at Black Sheep last week and also got some talking bits recorded directly from the presentation. The interview brushes up on Stephen’s involvement as a activist and documentarian of the St. Louis protest and punk scenes, as well as his background as a gay man living in Boston during the AIDS outbreak in the 1980’s. You can check out the WUIS segment streaming online right here.

Clare Frachey was also featured on WUIS as guest host of the weekly segment “The Scene” hosted by Rachel Otwell and Scott Faingold. Clare touches on her involvement with The Black Sheep, setting up monthly art shows at Cafe Brio, and also current projects SAP and Shark Week. You can also check out that segment online right here.


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