State Journal-Register: “The Studio Show Is A Much-Needed Showcase For Young Local Artists”


In today’s copy of local paper The State Journal-Register, there is a two-page article covering the newest Springfield-based talk show- The Studio Show. We have posted the two newest episodes of The Studio Show to our site- which feature local artists Jeff Williams and Clare Frachey, as well as music from Deep Hollow and Animals With Human Names. A third episode has even been released since then (which you can find embedded below) featuring local artist Jenni Kibbat, and also electronic project The Luzhin Defense who have performed at Black Sheep a number of times before.

From the article:

So far, the young talent on the show consists of people known to the production crew and hosts. As the show gains a larger audience, that will change. They are inviting talent to use the show’s email address ( to make their pitch. And, says Keil, they won’t always stay in the studio (will they call it “The Out-of-Studio Show” then?)

“That’s what we’re excited about,” says Keil, “getting out more and filming in the community. That’s the ideal direction we want to go, to local businesses or an artist’s space where they are creating their art. When there are festivals, we may do a whole show outside and interact with people.”

Check out the full article in today’s copy of the State Journal-Register, or online right here. Also follow The Studio Show youtube channel for clips of shows, and full episodes released every other Wednesday.


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