Dumb Records Record Player Raffle


It looks like Southtown record store Dumb Records is looking to give away a brand new record player (pictured above) for their two-year anniversary coming up later this month. How nice! The store will be holding a raffle for the player, and the winners will be drawn at the two-year anniversary show at Black Sheep on the 16th. Raffle tickets are only $2, which can be purchased inside of Dumb Records from now up until the time names are drawn before the last band at the show. In addition to the record player, there will also be a 2nd place prize of a $20 Dumb gift certificate, a 3rd place prize of a Dumb Records t-shirt, and a 4th place prize of a Dumb Records mug. You have to be present at the drawing in order to claim the prize if your number is drawn.

The Dumb Records tw0-year anniversary show is happening at Black Sheep a week from Saturday on January 16th. The store will also be having 15% off all items all day long for the day. More info on that can be found right here.


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