December 31st at Skank Skates: Project Southtown New Year’s Eve Celebration


New Year’s Eve is already less than one week away, have you made any plans yet? If you are still struggling to find something to do that night in town, there will be a Project Southtown-hosted New Year’s Eve Celebration the night of Thursday, December 31st at Skank Skates. The celebration will include some food/appetizers as well as some live music on the ramp from solo wonder-boy Nighthawk as well as his dad’s very own band- Rotten Monster.

Check out a facebook event and RSVP to the party right here. Things will kick off at 7:00 pm and likely go until midnight. Of course there will also be skating. Project Southtown is asking for a suggested donation of $20 to go towards the non-for-profit for the event. Black Sheep will be kicking back into normal shows starting the next day on January 1st! Check out our 2016 show schedule right here.


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