The Illinois Times: “Making A Scene”


This week’s issue of The Illinois Times features a cover story article with an interesting perspective on the music scene in Springfield and the challenges when it comes to bringing people out to shows and organizing festivals. The Illinois Times put together a panel for a discussion for one night featuring show and festival promoters from different areas of the music scene. The panel included Brian Galecki of Black Sheep/Dumb Records, Aaron Uncanny Phillips of Torch Tuesday/217 Hip Hop, Robbie Kording of The Timmys, and more. From the article:

The music scene here has long been both fertile and problematic, with dozens of active artists playing original material in various styles and genres but facing a shrinking number of venues in which to perform and audiences which have sometimes been difficult to cultivate. These same problems often hold true for shows by national and international touring acts when they play in town. The discussion was an attempt to pinpoint both the challenges and advantages specific to presenting music in Springfield, along with finding ways promoters might work together to improve the music scene as a whole.

Check out the full article online right here, or pick up a copy of The Illinois Times at various local businesses around town. There is currently a stack of this issue inside Dumb Records.


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