Help Us List Springfield Releases of 2015!


It’s that time of year again! Time for us to sit down and come up with our year-end lists, and time for us to reflect on all of the great music that has come out of Springfield in 2015. There were a lot of shows and releases this year, and a lot of bands making music. We are going to kick off our year-end poll this year to highlight some of your favorite local releases, songs, and shows of the past year. Before we start the poll, we need your help making sure we have all of the local releases that have come out this year listed! We have started a list and have it below. If you know of any other releases that have been put out by any Springfield bands in the year 2015, comment below or email us at

Bad Banshee – 2015 Demo
Borealis – Nauseous Spells
The Complaint Line – Stick Ninja EP
Diaper Rash – Demo 4: Eat, Shit, And Cry
Epsom – Ah Youth
Fill In The Blank – Slacker

Garter – Demo
GRINN – First EP
GUSH – Naughty Nuff
Hospital Job – Never Get Cold
Looming – Nailbiter
Panzys – Panzys
Rella – 3 Birds
Rella – Dixxon
SAP – Maiden, Mother, Crone
SAP/Person – Split
Sgt Karate – The Frost Giant’s Lament

Slacker Tapehead – Slacker Tapehead

War Magic – War Magic
WARRS – Demo

Be on the lookout for our poll to go up some time this next week! After voting is done we will compile a list of ten of the best releases, songs, and shows of this year and have different members of the Springfield music community do write-ups.


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