Black Sheep Holiday Show December 18th with Hospital Job (LP Release), The Locals, SAP, The Suction Cups


We are approaching December here pretty quick, so it is time to announce the Black Sheep Holiday show happening on Friday, December 18th this year! This winter we are going to never get cold, because we will have Hospital Job‘s new LP, Never Get Cold to keep us warm and rockin’. The Black Sheep Holiday show this year will be the LP release show for HOJO’s newest and third album, being released on It’s Alive Records. Stream the band’s previous album, The Believer below. Also playing this show are The Locals, who were recently voted Springfield’s best “underage band” in the Illinois Times. Also playing is SAP who just released a split cassette less than a week ago. Opening things up is a newer Springfield band called The Suction Cups, who will be here to bring some spooky holiday chills.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. For those of you who like holidays and special event shows at Black Sheep, don’t forget there is the Black Friday RSD at Dumb Records and show at Black Sheep a week from Friday on November 27th. Check out our Black Sheep shows page for a good look at a list of every show we have coming up.


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