Project Southtown Update 2.1!

dumb rexIt’s been a minute since we have been able to report with any updates for Project Southtown, the newest effort to revitalize and better the historic Southtown nieghborhood that houses Black Sheep, Skank Skates, Dumb Records, South Town Studio, and Boof City. Thanks to the support we’ve received so far, we’ve had the fortune of being able to use the donations we gained from the kickstarter campaign for much needed projects and updates. As you can see in the picture above, Dumb Records is now graced with a new sign, built and hung by Project Southtown volunteers! This addition to the Dumb Records store front has already started increasing foot traffic in the store and will hopefully increase business overall. A new sign is only one of the many positive upgrades that our awesome volunteers have been putting time and energy into!

Since June, we’ve been able to give some special attention to the property and businesses that reside within it. This includes being able to renew fire extinguishers, obtain dehumidifiers as well as cigarette receptacles for the parking lot. Black Sheep Cafe now has new speakers, which has made the show going experience that much better for listeners! When the kickstarter campaign was finalized, we were able to give back to donors by purchasing  Project Southtown t-shirts and jars for gifting honey from our bee hives in return for gaining their support! We’ve recently prepared a wall of fame stating all of the names of people who donated. Keep your eyes peeled because that will be hung in a prominent spot on the property soon! We also now have new, hand built fences guarding our pollination garden next to dumb records and our back parking lot entrance, which are both wonderful additions to the space. Other things we’ve been working on is preparing the wall on the side of Dumb Records for a new mural, which you may remember reading about in the preliminary Project Southtown update post we made back in June. After gaining the ability to purchase primer and paint, the wall is ready to go and we already have local artist Bill Crook drawing up preliminary sketches! What a treat!

This mural we are planning on is not the only large scale achievement we’ve gained from the kickstarter donations. We were able to use the funds to file for official state and federal non-profit status, which are almost finalized, as well as to catch up with the rising rate of city property taxes. We now have options to make plans for the future so make sure to watch for more developments. Also, keep your eyes peeled for membership letters that will be coming out this December! In their contents you’ll be able to learn more about being a member of Project Southtown, what that means, the benefits you’ll receive by doing so and what you can to do contribute! Everyone is welcome to become a member and we are excited to delve into the future of Southtown as a community! If you are interested in getting involved more with Project Southtown, email George Sinclair at and we would be happy to welcome you. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Project Southtown updates!


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