WUIS: “Black Sheep Founder Hands Over Reins to DIY Music Venue”



WUIS’s Rachel Otwell did an interview with well loved Kevin Bradford, who has been running Black Sheep for the past 10 years. He recently made the life decision to step down from his post as owner and move his energies elsewhere, specifically a place where people can enjoy coffee and hang out, while still pursuing his lifelong love of spirituality. Kevin will be remaining in Springfield and will still actively take part in our music scene. As for the state of Black Sheep, things will continue to go strong in the wake of his hard work. Check out the interview right here for the full details of what was discussed. From the interview:

Kevin Bradford could justifiably be called the godfather of Springfield’s underground punk music scene. He’s only 32, but he’s managed to help create and feed a culture of do-it-yourself musiciansand their fans in a way that is truly incomparable in the city. Bradford recently announced he’ll be stepping down as the owner/operator of Black Sheep Cafe (1320 S 11th St.) The good news is, he’s not going far. He spoke with WUIS about the challenges and rewards of fostering the city’s underground music scene.

For more in depth information on the details of Kevin’s departure, please check out this article of gratitude thanking him for all he has done. It includes statements from him as well as information on who will be “taking the reins” as Rachel said. Also, the fact is that we need help now more than ever from anyone who is willing to show they care about the continuation of Black Sheep, as well as the rest of Southtown. We are seeking a period of revitalization for Black Sheep as well as the whole neighborhood of Southtown, so check out this article discussing a recent community meeting we had and do what you are able to get involved!


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    Recently, Kevin Bradford has announced he’s stepping down from running The Black Sheep Cafe. Check out BXS’s article and listen to the WUIS interview. We’re excited to see what Kevin may be doing next in Springfield.

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