Some Things Can’t Be Ignored- Herbal Flesh Tea “The Whole Nine Yards”


Here’s the most recent update from our favorite local music-history resource Some Things Can’t Be Ignored! Featured in this post is the band Herbal Flesh Tea, which was mainly active during the mid 1990’s. These guys weren’t exactly from Springfield- their residence was in Villa Park, IL. However, they played shows here ALL of the time to the point where they were definitely a local favorite for many people. Their shows were mainly executed in basements, local pubs and a few of the active venue spaces we had going during that time. This album in particular, “The Whole Nine Yards”, was under a label called Faithful Goat Records (which is no longer active). In terms of releases, these guys released a 4 song casette in the early 90’s, around three 7” records, and even a VHS tape! Apparently they still have reunions as well as a facebook page. Even better is the bandcamp with this entire release on it! Cool stuff, definitely check that out below- and don’t forget that we have band pages dedicated to purely local current and past bands, so utilize that reseource anytime you have a hunkering for some local tunes! Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the next update from Some Things Can’t Be Ignored.


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