New Band Pages: The Oswalds, Paqui

1456143_625011410870799_522772601_nIt’s still 2013 and there are new bands popping up all over Springfield by the minute! We are struggling to keep up with all of the bands that have been forming. Today we are bringing you two new band pages for two newer projects. Those are new punk band The Oswalds and solo acoustic project Paqui! The Oswalds are a new three-piece punk band that will be playing their first show on Friday December 13th at Black Sheep along with Gnargoyle, Mystery Gift, and Antithought. You can find out about who is in this new band and what they are all about by checking out their band page right here. Paqui is a newer solo acoustic act that has been playing shows for close to a year now. You may recognize Paqui as being one of the main rivals against Table Drama or Scott Blacula. You can check out Paqui’s new band page right here.

We now have a lot of band pages. You can find the long list of current bands in Springfield right here. Do you play in a Springfield band that we do not have listed? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at


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