Springfield Food Cooperative Survey


Back in around June there was a group of people that decided it would be a good idea to open a Cooperative Grocery Store here in Springfield!

A Cooperative Grocery Store is:
A community owned (anti-corporate) grocery store thats main drive is to support the local economy by buying goods from local farmers and growers. This means that this business will be completely independent from corporations and its inventory will be heavily composed of local goods from surrounding areas. It hires workers and functions democratically through people who join as members. Members are people who give money/time to the cooperative in order to help it grow, which is why it’s up to them as to what is sold and what is not. Basically, anyone can join and show support! This is an all around good idea.

Right now, they’re trying to get this project off the ground. Something they want everyone to do is to take this survey asking whether or not you think this would be a good idea! If you are interested in helping in any way, take the survey and fill in whatever contact information you wish. Check out the Dreaming of a Cooperative facebook page here for any more info!

The reason this pertains to Black Sheep is that we not only are committed to music, we’re also committed to D.I.Y. ethic as well as bettering the community we live in in any way possible. This food cooperative has both those elements and would be a really positive thing for Springfield, even if it doesn’t take off at first. If it had as many supporters as Black Sheep does it would for sure take flight, so try to help out if you can! Every little bit counts.


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