Best of Springfield 2012: Songs

We want to thank everyone who went the extra step and filled out the blank spots in our poll for best Springfield songs of 2012. We had some truly great songs come from great bands in our town this year. And here are your top five choices for the best Springfield songs of the year! Check back tomorrow for the winners of the best albums and releases.

5. Big Storm – Hands Upon

If you see bands in Springfield, you know who Brandon Carnes is. You also know that Brandon can write one hell of a song; from the swoopy hair pop hits to the classic folk jams. But 2012 brought us something very special in the World of Brandon: “Hands Upon.” This cut shows his true musicianship and song writing prowess. Brandon has strong melodic parts with alternative instrumentation matched with driving, genuine power pop hooks to make one powerhouse of a tune. You will be hard pressed to find a much better song in Springfield.
– Cory VanMeter

4. Hospital Job – City Water Light & Power

This was my favorite song on the Patchwork 2012 compilation and is also one of the best songs about Springfield ever. Hospital Job is this town’s best kept secret and are a band that way more people around here should get into. Do yourself a favor and pick up the vinyl for their full-length album Downer Downer Downer at their next show (I think they have a one coming up at Black Sheep January 9th). You will NOT be disappointed.
– Brian Galecki

3. The Transatlantic – Small Towns

When I first heard The Transatlantic’s “Small Towns” it blew me away. It’s a really well written, well executed, and well recorded song. Guitar and vocal duo Kirk and Dustin form a hit making rock machine that is primed and oiled by Lucifer himself. “Small Towns” is a midwest rock classic that features lyrics that are easy to relate with. You can see the “Small Towns” official music video on the band’s website: Be sure to keep an eye on The Transatlantic’s schedule, as they are likely coming to your small town in the near future!
– Robbie Kording

2. Josh Catalano & The Dirty Thoughts – When We Were Young

You know those times when you hear a song and you know right away that the artist has struck gold? That was exactly my first thought when I first heard Josh Catalano and the Dirty Thoughts’ “When We Were Young.” Springfield’s rich music culture has produced another amazing pop hit. Josh has successfully written a true radio hit without losing any independent rock vibes. This track has taken the standard of Springfield to the next notch.
– Cory VanMeter

1. The Timmys – Premature Intoxication

First off, let me just say that the Timmys’ newest record, “Sangamon County Minefield” is an extremely solid release!! One tune from it that I can’t seem to get out of my head recently is “Premature Intoxication”. This song is extremely well written. One thing I’ve always admired about Robbie’s lyrics is how straight-forward and blunt they are. Certainly no exception here! The arrangement is just as genius. Starts off strong with a short lead in from Wes on the drums followed by a full on attack that only Ian, Tyler and Brandon can deliver. Once the vocals start, the tempo shifts to let Robbie’s vocals shine. Then…before you know it, BAM!! The tune kicks into high gear and slides into a chorus that can only be described as an instant Timmys classic:

Now, everyone’s sober but me
And I’m so sorry
There’s no alcohol
Because I drank it all

Words don’t really do this song justice. I certainly recommend catching the fellas performing it live to get the full experience. …and do your ears a favor and pick up a copy of the new record, “Sangamon County Minefield” NOW!! Easily one of the strongest local releases of 2012!! A fine display of a well-oiled songwriting machine that is Springfield’s second longest-running punk band!! Well done, gentlemen, well done!!
-Anthony Bollero


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