News Channel 20: Grant Money To Fund Economic Development In Springfield

News Channel 20 – Grant Money To Fund Economic Development In Springfield

The link above is a News Channel 20 story featured on the news this past Wednesday.  The City of Springfield has been rewarded a certain amount of money ($1.5 million a year for a few years) to go towards economic development in Springfield.  Where the money will go is unknown right now, but the South Town Neighborhood Association is a candidate. The South Town Neighborhood Association currently includes Skank Skates, Artifacts, Clay’s Popeye’s Barbeque, and the Black Sheep.  From News Channel 20:

The amount Springfield receives is based on a formula.

“Population, poverty, unemployment determines our annual funding,” Farmer said. “It’s been trending down the last few years. But we try to get the biggest bang for our administration’s dollars to help those in need.”

Farmer prioritizes the parts of the city that need the money the most.

“Typically those funds are used for emergency home repair, assistance for the disabled,” he said.

The money is awarded for a number of other uses, including demolition of boarded-up buildings and economic development.

The city also awards the funding for the creation of affordable housing.

People can come forward and apply for the money. The city will evaluate who’s eligible.

City council is scheduled to vote next week to officially accept the $1.5 million in grant money from the federal government.

We will keep you all updated on where the grant money is going and wether or not South Town is affected once we know more.


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