Today at Dumb Records: Black Friday Sale

dumbblackfridayAs today is Black Friday (the biggest shopping day of the year) and we are telling you that if you are going to be out shopping, you might as well take a stop at Southtown record store Dumb Records, where a Black Friday sale will be going on. For today only at Dumb Records you can find 30% off all used items and 15% off all new items. That’s right, everything is on sale. If you want to take a peek at what’s new in the store, check out our post from earlier this week.

Dumb Records will be open today from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Check out the store’s regular hours on our Dumb Records page.


“One Man Band Bonanza” Coming To Springfield In March


It may still be November, but we are already ready to start talking about some of the big things that we have lined up in 2015 (the year of the sheep on the zodiac calendar). It looks like 2015 will bring plenty of fests and great shows to Southtown, starting with this “One Man Band Bonanza” that is set to happen in Springfield on March 13th, 14th, and 15th. Particularly March 14th the festival will be taking place at Dumb Records and at Black Sheep. As the name suggests, the One Man Band Bonanza will feature only one-man projects from all over the globe. Here is a list of confirmed acts so far:



Pretty cool stuff. For more information on the One Man Band Bonanza, you can head over to The Garbage Shop’s website. Also be sure to keep an eye out for what’s coming up at Black Sheep in 2015 on our shows page.


Diaper Rash: “Demo Two”


This Thanksgiving it looks like we have a surprise from a new Springfield band that we still know very little about. Last week we did a streaming of “Demo One” from Springfield’s newest mystery punk band going by the name of “Diaper Rash.” It is only one week later and we were just mysteriously emailed the file for “Demo Two” from You can stream that demo below, or head over to the Diaper Rash bandcamp page where you can download the full demo for free.

Diaper Rash will be playing their first show on Saturday, December 13th at Black Sheep along with Cloud Rat, Plagues, Disrotted, Teen Freak, and The Wrong. Diaper Rash will be playing first so make sure to come out early to find out who is in Diaper Rash and what they are all about.

History On “The Southtown Band” Uncovered


A team of Southtown’s highest ranked Archeologists and Paleontologists recently set out to research more on Southtown in the 1970’s, before the time of Skank Skates, Black Sheep, or Dumb Records. They were able to uncover some cold hard facts on The Southtown Band along with a photo (above) and a letter from one of the members themselves. From the letter:

Personnel are, left to right: Dave Littler/drums, Jim “Cicerco Slim” Bukiet/harmonica and vocals, Mike Evans/guitar, Victor “Val” Garanin/bass and John Bulli/guitar.

The band worked from 1973-76; shortly after our dissolution Jim and Val formed the World War III Blues Band, which worked with various lineups for another two or three years.

Our name was chosen because Jim, Val, and Paul Robinette, our orininal drummer, lived in the Southtown nighborhood during ’73. Jim, Val, Mike and I were students at what was then Sangamon State University. The photo was taken by Naomi Ramage, Dave’s girlfriend, who as you can imagine, had to dodge South Grand traffic to get the shot!

The Breakfast Diner pictured above is not the building that houses Southtown skate park Skank Skates. You can find more historic Southtown photos and older photos of Black Sheep on our Black Sheep flickr album.

December 28th at Black Sheep: Movie Screening + Paqui, Honey/Suck, SAP, King Worm

ummmmThe cold weather is bringing us some hardcore heat, as you can see by this double feature show and local movie screening happening in December. This Saturday night treat will start off with a show happening in Black Sheep featuring all local acts. Starting off the night will be the ever fascinating Paqui, who plans on taking us on an adventure with him through his set. Moving the night along will be Honey/Suck, which will be a whole hearted portrayal of emotions through spoken word and possibly musical accompaniment as well. Then, local contemporary punk band SAP will be playing some dance tunes for everyone to enjoy. To close the music portion of the night off will be King Worm, who will blow you away with their squishy spiker jams.

Come to Black Sheep Cafe on Friday, December 28th and enjoy the tunes of local Springfield bands. This will kick off at 6:00 pm; please bring $6 to support the local scene! After the musical portion of the night, make sure to head over to Dumb Records at 9:00 pm for a local movie screening! The movie is called Death Metal, directed by David Castor. This movie looks amazing: check out the trailer. It’s not very often that movie screenings–let alone local movie screenings– happen in these parts, so don’t miss out! This opportunity is a delicacy. For more heavy metal, check out this video below of King Worm playing Hobgoblinspookadelic to get a taste for what’s in store.

Night/Hex: “11/15″ + “11/6″


It looks like the Springfield electronic/ambient project called Night/Hex has released a couple of new songs this month. Those songs are titled “11/6″ and “11/15″ and we just happen to have both of them streaming below. You can also head over to the Night/Hex bandcamp page where you can find the songs for an at-your-price download as well as all of the band’s past material. Night/Hex features members of the dream-folk band War Magic.

There are no current plans for any Night/Hex live shows, and War Magic does not have anything currently lined up.

Videos: SAP at Black Sheep on November 17th

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.13.01 PM

Today we are back with another live video from another Springfield band at Black Sheep and that is of SAP performing here at a recent show on Monday, November 17th. The show was with other bands The Stasi and The Holidays (both from Philadelphia) and also local band King Worm. The video is of SAP performing one of their songs “Dinosaur Baby.” Check out the video directly below.

SAP’s next show at Black Sheep is happening on Sunday, December 28th. We will be posting more on that show tomorrow so stay tuned! You can also check out a good amount of videos from Black Sheep and other Springfield shows on our vids/pics page.