Tonight at Black Sheep: “The Very Very Very Coo Show”


Tonight at Black Sheep we have our only show happening of the weekend, and it will feature some local hip hop, and a mix of some other genres. This show is being called “The Very Very Very Coo Show” and is being put on by Cooshit. For this show we have a local electronic project called KaBASS. You can check out some of KaBASS’s music streaming below. We also have everyone’s favorite guitar riffin’ downtown street performer, Nighthawk. Then before that is the local hip hop artist Jar’mar Virider. Other performers for tonight include TJ Bird, The Co-Pilots, Lo-Fi MonstaMartian, and

Tonight should be an all around fun time and things will be kicking off right at 7:00 pm. Admission is $5. You can find a facebook event for the show tonight right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page where you can see everything else coming up at Black Sheep this fall.

Garter: “Demo”


Today we have a stream of some more brand new Springfield music this time coming from another newer punk band called Garter. Garter features members of Nighthawk, Big Storm, and Teen Freak, and their five-song demo went up online today. You can find the demo streaming below, or also head over to the Garter bandcamp page where you can download the demo for free. The release will also be available on cassette at the show at Black Sheep on Monday, being put out by Acid Kat Records based out of St. Louis.

Garter will be playing at Black Sheep this upcoming Monday along with G.L.O.S.S., Asthma, and Gush. It is looking like this will be the cassette release show for both Garter and Gush. More info on that show can be found right here.

Black Sheep Open Mic Night September 20th


It’s time to get ready for the next Black Sheep Open Mic Night at Black Sheep! The open mic happening this month will be the fourth that we have held this year, and it is happening on Sunday, September 20th. We have just now started taking submissions for the open mic night, and have time slots available from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. If you are interested in claiming one of these spots, email us at or head over to our facebook event for the open mic and post in the event with what time slot you would like and what you will be performing as. Don’t forget the Southtown Poetry Slam will also be happening one week prior to this on Sunday, September 13th.

Open mic night happens from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, and for these shows we just ask for donations of $1-5 to go to Black Sheep. Check out a facebook event right here. Dumb Records will also be hosting a sale of 15% off everything in the store during the open mic night. Check out our shows page for a list of other events coming up this fall at Black Sheep.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Love Hogs


The music blog focusing on Springfield music that came out of the 1990’s and earlier – “Some Things Can’t Be Ignored” have a new post on on their site for an older Springfield band called Love Hogs. Love Hogs were active in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and recently got together to perform at Downhome Music Festival downtown this summer. Some Things Can’t Be Ignored has put their recordings up for download, which include two full length CDs. From the blog:

Love Hogs were originally a 4-piece band consisting of Keith Voegele (who you may know better from the Bottle Rockets) on bass and vocals, Ted Brannon on guitar, Rodney Patterson on guitar and vocals, and Greg “Lucky” Patterson on drums.  The band formed from the ashes of two other Springfield bands — the Ingrates & They Came In Droves.  Brothers, Lucky and Rodney, played together in the Ingrates.  Keith and Ted played together in They Came In Droves.  Both bands were breaking up around the same time (around 1995-ish?) and all four decided, “Eh…what the hell…let’s get together, jam, and see what happens.”

Check out the full post right here where you can also find the link to download Love Hogs’s music. You can also stream their self-titled album on the player below.

September 19th at Black Sheep: Benefit For Tom Alderson


There are a lot of big shows coming up at Black Sheep this fall, including festivals, and today we have news of another big show that could also be considered a festival with a whopping ten bands. This one is happening on Saturday, September 19th the day after the Black Sheep 10 Year Anniversary Show and it is also a benefit show. The benefit is for Tom Alderson, who plays in hardcore bands Crosscheck and Drown and was recently hospitalized after an alleged incident at This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia. The lineup for this show features many hardcore bands from all over the midwest. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

Diaper Rash
Lowered A.D.
Meth Dealer
Breaking Wheel
Terminal Nation

That’s 10 whole bands playing for an all around great lineup of a show. The show will start at 5:00 pm sharp, and admission is $8. More info on this show can be found right here on the facebook event. Also check out our shows page where you can find a long list of other shows coming up at Black Sheep this fall.

GUSH: “Naughty NuFF”


Today we are bringing you the brand new demo from a new Springfield band called GUSH. GUSH features members of plenty of other past and current Springfield punk bands including Asthma, Table Drama, WARRS, and Mouthsex. Their six-track demo is called Naughty NuFF and you can find it streaming below. Also go to the Ooey Gooey bandcamp page to stream the demo and download the tracks at your own price.

The demo will be released on cassette by Ooey Gooey Tapes, and will be first available at the show at Black Sheep one week from today on September 7th with G.L.O.S.S., Asthma, and Garter. More info on that show can be found right here.

October 17th at Black Sheep: Black Ops Agency, The Avant National Guard, Flamingo, Blind Social


It’s time for all of the spooky October show announcements to start rolling in, starting with this one on Saturday, October 17th called “Pumpkin Slack” happening at Black Sheep. This four band show will feature plenty of local jam and rock music. For this show we have a performance by the long running Springfield experimental rock band, Black Ops Agency. We also have a newer experimental project coming out of Springfield being called “The Avant National Guard.” Before that we will be joined by the Jacksonville experimental/jam band Flamingo. Check out some of Flamingo’s newer music streaming below. And then opening things up we will be joined by Blind Social, who also just put on a great show at The Radon Lounge last night.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission will be $5. You can find a facebook event for “Pumpkin Slack” right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep this fall.